Sunday, 7 February 2010


The first challenge of Dalicious! The theme was "personality", which I really struggled with as... I don't really "know" my Dal, Callie. She's very pretty and posable and cute, but we've not really... bonded, I suppose. Anyway, I'm super pleased with how my entry came out! Callie's my little mechanic (Callandra Tyrol, anyone? :D) so it's only natural she wants to see how things work...

... by taking them apart. ;) My favourite thing about this photo is that if you were told it was based around the theme of "personality", your first thought would probably be that she was quite cruel, rather than just mechanically minded. Poor Callie! :P

I was so amused by this scenario I went right ahead and had some fun with a silly, short photo story! (of sorts.)

Callie: I've been unable to locate the brain thus far, but I will of course be conducting further experiments.

Mimi: ... *squeak*!

: HELP! DD: Attack her! ATTACK HER!

Mimi's body: RAWRRRR KILL!

Callie: I can take you! You don't have a brain! SHOW ME YOUR WORST!
*fistycuffs ensue*

Callie: Arrrghh!

Mimi's body: *slap slap slap*

Callie: She hurt me!

How would you like it if she removed your head?

Callie: That's beside the point. She didn't have a brain. I was fixing her!

You can't just take people apart, you know.

Callie: Why not? You do it all the time.

Uhh, yes, but I've got experience, and the correct tools and -

Callie: No you haven't. You broke Clara. She told me. Her eyes don't change anymore.

Well, that was nearly two years ago-

Callie: AND you left Arien lying around in bits for ages and ages, and you didn't even put any clothes on her, so I saw her NAKED.

Urrr this isn't strictly relevant-

Callie: AND you pulled Naomi's eyes out, AND-

YES WELL THAT'S ENOUGH. Why don't you put Mimi back together and make friends again?

Callie: FINE. *sulk* But she doesn't have a brain.

Well, neither do - actually... nevermind. Just get her back together.

Callie: Tyrant.

Yes, well. If the shoe fits...

Friends again! :D Just to show that my plastic kids are all one big, loving family! :D

Mimi: Monster!

Callie: Zombie.

Oooh, I had too much fun with this! I've not recieved a terribly positive response on Flickr, but it is an odd place... some of my dullest photos seem to get views galore, but a series like this that I actually rather like, get none! I don't mind, I'm happy with it, and that's the main thing. :) I also feel like I know Callie a little better, which is excellent! Much more of Dalicious to come.

I also reorganised my room yesterday and the dollies have been allocated a new shelf!

This also serves as a new family photo! Marla isn't here, she's in pieces again, but almost complete! Just need to expand the Blythe section a little more, I feel... ;)

I have the dolly itch. Eeeep! xxx

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