Monday, 22 February 2010

My adventures with saran and amusing mental images.

Well, the thermal saran custom girl is nearly done! She has a little bit of a scalp gap (it's not terrible but it bugs me) so this, coupled with my total adoration for Blythe fringes (that's bangs to you US folk! :P) I just decided to cut them in. :D

As you can see, thermal saran hair is very fun to iron. ;) In the 6th photo you can see the problem I've been having - the bangs flipping out. Saran seems quite stubborn to iron into place, I am still somewhat wrestling with it, and poor Tango (new name!) is being kept with a sock on her head whenever she's not being ironed or cooed at. She is dignity itself.

I think I might cut it a little shorter so you can see her lovely green eyeshadow... just waiting for it to lie a little flatter! Is saran always this unruly? I must've spent the best part of the past few days training her hair! xD

I'm fighting (and I mean fighting) the urge to boggle her. I really want her lovely green eyelids on show but OH HOW I WANT TO BOGGLE HER. Might go for a slight boggle and gaze correction and see if that pleases me, and then, she will be officially COMPLETELY finished!

As for the name Tango, it is awesome on many levels.

1.) The obvious - she's been tango-ed! :3 Colour appropriate!
( My personal favourites: and )

2.) Tango the type of dance - which of course means she needs to own all sorts of nifty Blythe-sized Tango-appropriate dresses! :D Similar to this!

c.) Tango is a letter in the NATO alphabet, which is cool in and of itself.

d.) Being named after a letter of the NATO alphabet, Tango would fit right in with all the the other dolls in the LA Dollhouse (also named after the NATO alphabet.) I thought this was cool seeing as how I've been semi-consumed with Dollhouse the past two weeks, but also, I guess she is a doll, in a different sense. :3 This amuses me!

Looks like she is here to stay, because she's flippin' beautiful and I love her! :D

Here's to hoping Mango's "neon orange hair like a mango" isn't too similar, or I'll have to cry. T_T I'm really excited about the arrival of these twins! They already have name possibilities in the works (as does the new CC girl arriving!) I am pretty much salivating for real photos, HURRY UP TAKARA. I am eating a disproportionate amount of mangos and guavas to the amount of fruit I normally consume, which I feel is clearly caused by manga and guava doll deprivation. I say a disproportionate amount - I mean, I've eaten one of each in the past week or so. I haven't eaten any other real fruit, hence the disproportion! Oh dear. I need to rectify that. (I do eat vegetables! Lots of vegetables!)

In non-doll news, the same philosophy lecturer has sent me away from today's lecture with another amusing image. He was discussing logic & metaphysics, and then said that this is Kant's fort. I don't know if he meant forte (which I say "fort-ay") or fort, but I took it literally as the latter and spent a good part of the lecturer imagining Kant childishly constructing a fort of pillows around his sofa with a piece of paper saying "Logic" stuck on the front, Kant peeping out suspiciously, shaking his fist at the very idea of the ontological argument. The nerve of it!

This is doubly funny as he seems such a stern fellow.

I think all my entires should have a healthy mixture of philosophy & dolls, it's quite possibly the best combination ever. :D


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  1. You say Kant, and I end up thinking of this similarly named chap, and imagining him shaking his fist behind a kiddy fort. WTF brain?

    What does boggling entail anyway? Asks the naive non-blythe owner.