Friday, 5 February 2010

The New Face of No-Name!

Woo, my first *real* post on here since the revamp! Awesome. Now, erm, for some actual content, and maybe even some readers! xD

Thought I'd start with the new face of No-Name (formerly Adeline, but I think she needs a new name after her customisation) who was finished after, literally, months of being in pieces, two days ago!

(Any name suggestions welcomed!)

So, here she is!

She was originally an Angelica Eve (so is lovely and pale) and has:
  • New lips in acrylic paint
  • New pastel (green) eyeshadow and (pink) blush
  • New (green) acrylic painted eyelids
  • Reroot on her Takara scalp in thermal orange saran
  • Sealed with Testors Dullcote
I kept all her lovely chippies because AE has a rather nice set, and she's currently still with her Takara lashes, though perhaps not for long...

I'm really, really pleased with her. She's definitely my most successful custom work thus far, and it's always encouraging to feel yourself improving! She was my first ever girl, and so I knew I just couldn't sell her when I just wasn't bonding with her when she was a more or less stock AE. (It was that horrid, matted hair!) I'm definitely much more pleased with her now than I was, but more as an accomplishment rather than a plastic kid, if that makes sense! I think I really need to get out into some actual daylight (if the sun ever comes out again.) and take some photos which really show off her make-up, as I'm really taken with it in the "flesh" (plastic?) but can't seem to photograph it well, grrr!

Just a quick photo of her face before I sealed it to give a better idea:

Things I Have Learned:

  • Applying the blush and eyeshadow with q-tips rather than cotton buds works really well and is more precise.
  • Spray-matting is a completely different kettle of fish to sand-matting, and SUCH a gorgeous finish, I am a convert!
  • Takara scalps are illogical and a complete nightmare when you want to proceed about things in as methodical a way as I do (coolcat scalp & my own holes next time!)
  • Rerooting is SLOW. And I mean, SLOW. I also can't reccommend Robin's tutorials enough: which is also where I bought my saran! Super useful for those of us in Europe, especially!
  • It probably is worth painting the scalp, even with light colours.
  • I would start with the part, and then spiral out from the top next time.
  • Finished reroots before thatching look APPALLING, but I should not give up!
  • Thatching is a hideous business. I had to have extensive help off Gavin to get anywhere. (He held the thatched sides down before I ironed them so I didn't lose the thatch as I went along!)
  • Thermal saran = hours of boundless fun.
Just check out how much fun we had with hot and cold taps.

Eeeee, I can't wait to get her in the sun! :P

The timeline of my rerooting progress:

The initial steps in which I was flawlessly neat and psyched already for the completion...

The scary realisation that I had only done one row... and how much more there was to do!

Then I started to work my way up to the middle... (still keeping relatively neat!)

I fill in some of the rows I optimistically skipped... (it's getting messier!)

... and finally, I manage a decent thatch on my second attempt!

It took me about 3 whole months to complete it fully. I was NOT rerooting every day, and I went weeks at a time without having a chance to pick it up, so it's really difficult estimating how long it actually took. Although, I know I did the majority of it a.) rewatching the entire Season 4 of BSG with Gavin before Christmas and b.) during revision time, listening to Philosophy podcasts. I was pretty slow, as I'd wet each hair plug before I used it (refused to lick it, it just seemed too gross!) but I was getting much faster towards the end.

It has driven me stark raving mad, which is exactly why I'm ordering some nylon and a coolcat scalp in the next few days, once I decide on another colour.

Apparently, I'm a complete masochist.


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