Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Plastic Fantasy


I started this blog mainly to record my plastic adventures in writing. :) I do use flickr as a sort of photo blog (and I have no intention of stopping this! A photo is worth a thousand words and all that.) but I'd quite like somewhere more word oriented! I'm quite a wordy person.

It's not all about the plastic, though, I'd like to record my other adventures (if I ever have any!)

My plastic fantasy began in 2006, when I stumbled across one of Gina Garan's books in an art gallery shop. This is how I met Blythe. She was the cutest thing I'd ever seen! One of my friends was kind enough to later buy me this book for my birthday for my 17th birthday, and I did a lot of squeeing over it but never thought I'd actually own one.

Around rolled my 18th birthday, and moneys galore! The 'rents were keen for me to buy something timeless and expensive like a watch, or something equally traditional, but no, I wanted a doll. They eventually gave in with that sigh of resignation they now know only too well ("Not ANOTHER one, Alice!") and I bought a Neo Blythe. Much more timeless, in my opinion. ;)

It all went downhill (uphill?) from there, and I also added some other big headed beauties to my collection - Pullips, Taeyangs & Dals. They all live together in plastic harmony. :D To see the current roster, see "The Plastic Kids."

Somewhere along the line, these plastic babies took over my life.

I wish I was joking. :P

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