Friday, 5 February 2010

The Plastic Kids

Plastic Family + Mother Hen Alice
The Blythe family as of 03.05.2012 (plus guest!)


My toy addiction as an adult began in 2006, when I stumbled across this book in a local art gallery shop. My friend was kind enough to buy this book for me for my following birthday. In 2008, I got my first ever Blythe doll as an 18th birthday present from my magnificent grandparents. It's spiralled deeply out of control since then!

Blythe not only spurred me onto collecting and photographing a whole range of other toys, but brought me a creative outlet. It's 100% her fault I do all the crafty things I do. She's the coolest person I've (never) met. 

alice xox

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  1. D: I demand more pictures of Marla! I had no idea she existed, but she intrigues me and I feel like there aren't enough good pictures of her T_______T;;