Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Resisting temptation is hard.

Second day of the semester! Bleeeh. I have a rubbish timetable, with lots of one hour gaps inbetween lectures, which just isn't quite enough to do anything productive. I did get to take Elliot out at lunch, though! I don't have enough full length shots of her, I am in love with neemo knees. ♥ Still, it's nice to have a routine back. Being hectic makes me achieve more! Especially now I'm doing the 365, I have to make time around lunchtime for some camera time, which is lovely and relaxing. :)

Had a very strange ebay transaction. I bid on a fakie Blythe (basaak thingy) as the price was pretty low but was outbid, kind of to my relief. Then, the top bidder was pulled out, and apparently I HAD to pay for it. I messaged the seller in confusion (it wasn't like a second chance offer or anything) and they said they had cancelled the first bidder because of "untrust" and insisted I had to go through with the transaction, so I did, and I paid. I got two more messages asking me to pay, which I replied to politely explaining I had, and then ANOTHER one, and they didn't seem to know how to work paypal, so I talked them through how to accept the money (as they just hadn't accepted it!) and they messaged back saying their paypal was broken and they'd have to cancel the sale. Sigh. So I agreed, and then I got an official ebay cancelling notice requesting that I agree, and their reason THIS time was that they didn't have the item in stock. BLAH.

I didn't really want the clone, to be honest, it's just frustrating. Having been put into a position where I had to buy it when I didn't really want to, I'd managed to make myself excited about being able to customise it enthusiastically (and without the huge price tag!) and I'm all sad now. :(

I know I have Mango & Guava arriving in April, but would it be so bad to bring another one home in February/March? ^__^;; I am having the Blythe itch so badly! I want my Pullip/Blythe ratio back to what it was! ^_~


To be honest, it all hinges on how many of my textbooks for this semster I can get away with not buying! Seriously, one of my philosophy modules the two books together are £60! I'm going to just get them out the library to read the articles when I need them, I do not have £60 spare lying around that I can just spend on books I'll read once in my entire life. It's not like we're buying decent philosophy texts we'll use again and again, they're half-arsed, dumbed down compilations of edits of famous articles. Grrr, I refuse!

I can think of sooooo many better things to spend £60 on. :3 xxx

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  1. lol @ the ebay drama - relieved, cornered, accepting, excited, then bummed. Only on ebay can transactions be a roller coaster of emotions.
    It's good it didn't work out - something better will come along!