Thursday, 18 February 2010

Unintentional innuendos are the best kind of humour.

My lecturer for political philosophy beamed round at the class yesterday mid-Hobbes, and asked:

"So, how many of you are teabaggers, then? Come on, put your hands up!"

Now, I'm aware there were a few IR students from the US there who probably knew exactly what he was referring to, but really, asking a question like that to a class predominantly full of young British adults, more than familiar with humour sexual slang, he may as well have asked:

"So, how many of you on a regular basis dangle your testicles into people's mouths?"

He was very perplexed when the class quietly sniggered for a few minutes.

Just so this isn't all silliness, I would like to announce the imminent arrival of a new Blythe girl! She should arrive something this coming week! :) I adopted her on PP - she called to me and I could no longer resist! xD Actually, I really shouldn't have bought her, as I'm now nearly all out of dollie funds, but there was just something that forced my hand! I couldn't decide whether to buy her or not, and then all that night I dreamed someone else has bought her and woke up in a panic. xD The fact that I'm a crazy dollie lady aside, it was clearly meant to be!

She is a stock Candy Carnival! I have always admired CC's beautiful blue hair and I am too excited about her arriving! I don't plan to keep her face stock, though, although she will be staying as she is for a little while. After meeting Hevs' Candy Carnival at a summer Blythe meet in Manchester -

[photo by me: link]

- I think she'd look rather excellent with dark lips! I don't think I'll go for the block paint look this time, I'd really like to try "chapstick" lips (which is what lots of people seem to refer to them as) - ie. a softer look with pastels, watercolour pencils and gloss.

Stupidly excited for her arriving!


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  1. Candy Carnival! I've always loved her hair, but I know I'd probably mess it up since it's slightly curly and I can barely handle straight Blythe hair ;)