Monday, 15 March 2010

Wishful thinking...

1. Blythe Official Photographer Gina Garan's Choice...Photo Contest 2009, 2. Blythe - Kenner - Laura #21, 3. Jessica For me, 4. Wide eyed Harriet, 5. Byul steam punk, 6. Steampunk Pullip Eos, 7. jun planning, 8. San Diego Comic-Con, 9. Cuuuute Puki Pong!, 10. who's the fairest of them all?, 11. June release: Byul Paulia, 12. Untitled, 13. Juliette's new scalp, 14. From Naomi, with love ..., 15. Happy Birthday Thai!!! ♥, 16. California Girl

Time for some wishlist escapism! Not sure many of these need explaining..., numbers 1, 4 & 16 represent my completely repressed love for BLs, especially Goldie. She was one of the first Blythes I ever saw, and this coupled with the fact she is the quirkiest little thing ever... I just require her. I don't know if I'll ever have the guts to buy a BL. At least not until I'm done with university and in some kind of employment. I just... if I have the funds ever, I just don't think I could do it! Spend that much on a relatively new doll? With a Kenner (no. 2) I think I could, because she's old and amazing and started the whole delicious Blythe fandom! BLs do have a special something, but I don't know if I could do it! Even though I am floored every time with horrendous HORRENDOUS jealousy everytime someone brings one home. (My potential Goldie even has a name! xD) It is a bit obscene how much I want her, though. Maybe, one day. It's a matter of courage, believe it or not! I'm making half-formed plans for the ownage of a Goldie... but they are half-formed. I just can't spend that much on one single thing, and not feel guilty!

Numbers 5-8 are the upcoming steampunk set. I know that the whole world is going to want them and their stock, and they're going to be so spammed across the Flickrverse I shall, by rights, be sick of them... but I don't think so. :P I am sort of certain I might have to obtain the Byul, and I am sickened by how much I want the others! Or at least their stock. Even just stock, I'd imagine, would be quite a tidy sum. Eeeep!

No. 3 is in much the same boat as the BLs, but she's too gorgeous for me to resist wistfully staring at the Iplehouse site every once in a while...

I am ill (again?!?!) and Elliot is warding away my germy tissues. :P

I have finally, finally decided my degree, and it's English Literature. I know I've made the right choice this time, because I look at the module choices and academically pee myself. (That, um, might not be the most flattering metaphor, but it's pretty accurate!) My favourite module was dropped, but there is a new one being introduced this year on Tolkien. OH YEAH. It actually more than makes up for the dropping of the sci-fi module (even though it did have Neuromancer.) I genuinely, genuinely believe I will enjoy my modules consistently next year! My housemate begs to differ, but I just say he doesn't like his subject as much as me. :3

As for the wishlist, are any of them possibilities? Well, within a week or two I should know if I've got the summer job I wanted! If so... well... I can maybe wrangle some. ;)

The first enslaught of this semester's essays are nearly over, and when they are, I'm hoping to make a start on the lengthy process of opening Lychee's head!

Ahh, essay-induced illness. I am not cut out for this student lifestyle. xD


Monday, 1 March 2010

I'm really not used to getting up early...

I only got up at 7:45am (which really, isn't anything particularly impressive) and I am quite up for passing out enthusiastically as soon as possible. Pathetic.

Just a few items of news to share! 1.) I completed a second month of my 365 and am at photo no. 60! 2.) there's a new plastic arrival! 3.) spring is officially here! and 4.) my hair is of medium grease-osity!

I think perhaps I should explain the last one a little! :P I'm trying to improve the overall health of my hair & how happy I am with it, and the first stage involves getting out of washing my hair every day, because it can't be good for it, and I'm, urr, over-producing (like I wouldn't have thought possible) natural oils to make up for it. So, here is the week's progress!

Sunday: I wash my hair at around lunchtime, hair is very presentable all day.
Monday: I wake up and my hair is so repulsive and lank I can't bear the thought of going to class like this. I dry shampoo it a little. It is presentable. I go to class. By the end of the day it's looking a bit greasy, but mostly held off by dry shampoo. I decide I can deal with this every other day.
Tuesday: My hair in the morning is gross and smells of greasy coconut. I wash. I have lovely clean hair all day. I am told that dry shampoo is cheating and I must stop using it. I am horrified.
Wednesday: My hair is disgusting. I have no class so only have to leave the house to pick up tea from the supermarket. I wear a hat. I nearly cave in and wash it at least 20 times. I pin it back and apologise to my housemates everytime I pass them for how repulsive I look.
Thursday: I shower and feel clean and delightful all day.
Friday: My hair is repulsive again. I refuse to leave the house. My friend coaxes me to make use of my Friday night, and I give in to a shower, and feel delightfully clean.
Saturday: I don't shower. I use the tiniest of tiny bits of dry shampoo and my hair feels rather nice all day!
Sunday: I delay showering until 4pm - my hair is actually nearly presentable all day! I shower, and for the first time, don't blow dry.
Monday: I don't shower, my hair is pretty much presentable all day - by 6/7pm my side fringe bits are a bit greasy, so I have to tuck them behind my ears, but otherwise, attended all my classes and wasn't embarrassed to be seen in public. Hooray!

So, apart from learning that I am WAY more vain than I thought (I just don't want people to think I'm dirty! xD) - it's totally working! I reckon another week and I'll have completely cracked the showering every other day thing. I might try going for 3 days then, maybe! Not sure how much my hair needs washing - it's quite fine, and the internet tells me fine hair needs washing more. Every other day is fine though, I'd be very happy with that. (I've also accumulated at least an extra 4 hours sleep without those morning showers ^_~)

I don't know if I'll ever go totally No Poo (vinegar doesn't sound any better for your hair than shampoo!) but I try to use "good" shampoos, and I'm going to try what my friend suggested and try to wean myself off using so much, and see how that goes. I'm going to stop using conditioner as of tomorrow (my next hair wash!) as I've had a few reports which suggest I am a.) making my hair greasier and b.) wasting my money. (EDIT: having done a thorough google, I've been informed that using conditioner only on the ends of hair shouldn't make it more greasy. I am totally guilty of just slapping it everywhere. Will change my conditioning habits!)

When I'm satisfied with the way my hair care is going, I'm going to dye it as a reward! ;) Which does kind of contradict the whole "having healthier hair" thing, but... I just really want red hair again. ;)

As for the new arrival...

She's a CC (SBL) that I adopted from PP! Isn't she cute? ^___^ She's still awaiting an official naming, but it's looking like Ariel at the moment! Needs some hair love but otherwise, she's adorable! Can't wait to give her some love and attention. Her Flickr set!

The sun came out today for the first in ages, and it really felt like spring has finally arrived!

Gavin in the sun.

The first snowdrops!

St Salvator's clock tower, on the way to morning lectures in the beautiful sun!

Just before my lecture, inside the quad.

St Andrews is so pretty in the sun! :)