Monday, 15 March 2010

Wishful thinking...

1. Blythe Official Photographer Gina Garan's Choice...Photo Contest 2009, 2. Blythe - Kenner - Laura #21, 3. Jessica For me, 4. Wide eyed Harriet, 5. Byul steam punk, 6. Steampunk Pullip Eos, 7. jun planning, 8. San Diego Comic-Con, 9. Cuuuute Puki Pong!, 10. who's the fairest of them all?, 11. June release: Byul Paulia, 12. Untitled, 13. Juliette's new scalp, 14. From Naomi, with love ..., 15. Happy Birthday Thai!!! ♥, 16. California Girl

Time for some wishlist escapism! Not sure many of these need explaining..., numbers 1, 4 & 16 represent my completely repressed love for BLs, especially Goldie. She was one of the first Blythes I ever saw, and this coupled with the fact she is the quirkiest little thing ever... I just require her. I don't know if I'll ever have the guts to buy a BL. At least not until I'm done with university and in some kind of employment. I just... if I have the funds ever, I just don't think I could do it! Spend that much on a relatively new doll? With a Kenner (no. 2) I think I could, because she's old and amazing and started the whole delicious Blythe fandom! BLs do have a special something, but I don't know if I could do it! Even though I am floored every time with horrendous HORRENDOUS jealousy everytime someone brings one home. (My potential Goldie even has a name! xD) It is a bit obscene how much I want her, though. Maybe, one day. It's a matter of courage, believe it or not! I'm making half-formed plans for the ownage of a Goldie... but they are half-formed. I just can't spend that much on one single thing, and not feel guilty!

Numbers 5-8 are the upcoming steampunk set. I know that the whole world is going to want them and their stock, and they're going to be so spammed across the Flickrverse I shall, by rights, be sick of them... but I don't think so. :P I am sort of certain I might have to obtain the Byul, and I am sickened by how much I want the others! Or at least their stock. Even just stock, I'd imagine, would be quite a tidy sum. Eeeep!

No. 3 is in much the same boat as the BLs, but she's too gorgeous for me to resist wistfully staring at the Iplehouse site every once in a while...

I am ill (again?!?!) and Elliot is warding away my germy tissues. :P

I have finally, finally decided my degree, and it's English Literature. I know I've made the right choice this time, because I look at the module choices and academically pee myself. (That, um, might not be the most flattering metaphor, but it's pretty accurate!) My favourite module was dropped, but there is a new one being introduced this year on Tolkien. OH YEAH. It actually more than makes up for the dropping of the sci-fi module (even though it did have Neuromancer.) I genuinely, genuinely believe I will enjoy my modules consistently next year! My housemate begs to differ, but I just say he doesn't like his subject as much as me. :3

As for the wishlist, are any of them possibilities? Well, within a week or two I should know if I've got the summer job I wanted! If so... well... I can maybe wrangle some. ;)

The first enslaught of this semester's essays are nearly over, and when they are, I'm hoping to make a start on the lengthy process of opening Lychee's head!

Ahh, essay-induced illness. I am not cut out for this student lifestyle. xD


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