Sunday, 30 January 2011

Creative Challenge Week #4

Last week you saw my cheerful looking first ever crochet swatch but this week I have moved onto making actual things! :D I did produce quite a few more swatches learning the different kinds of stitches and messing on with changing colours and stuff, but behold! - some doll sized fruits of my labour!


On the left, modelled by Jessica, you can see my first attempt, which is a bit... saggy. On the right, modelled by Beth, is my second attempt, which fits much better! It was then promptly stolen from her by Jessica (uh oh, I sense many such fights between these two :P) and here she is in all her glory~


Ahhh what a pretty girl ♥

I'm pretty pleased with my crocheting progress (we are definitely bffs) and going to make lots more pretty hats in the future, yay! I have been working on something *big* and *human sized* this weekend, though it's not quite finished yet, which I am excited about and can hopefully unveil next Sunday. I have discovered the most EXCELLENT crafty shop in St Andrews as well, which I can't actually believe I missed before! It has a fairly limited selection by most standards, but this is a tiny town and it's pretty extensive considering. Will definitely be back to snag some more wool and beads!

I also had TWO photos in Explore on Flickr this week, le gasp! I don't really know whether to be proud of that or not (for Explore is a strange and most peculiar thing) but here they are, nonetheless! :)

Annie Rawr!

Have a few more photos from my week, including a yummy ice cream, my kidrobot treedweller I snagged in Glasgow last weekend, Jessica's lovely eyechip and Gavin being observed curiously. ;)

B. Jannetta Treedweller

♥ Who's the weirdo crouching in the undergrowth?

Gavin visited this weekend and we went on a photo jaunt as he has a new camera! He took a shot of me and Jessica which is quite sweet and I have pinched it from him, as I have barely any photos of me and my girls!

Behold, Me!

but there we are, in the midst of a Scottish winter looking chilly ♥

I have another week off still, which is glorious and excellent :D I am now off to eat chips and cake and crochet. Yay! ♥

alice xox

Monday, 24 January 2011

Creative Challenge Week #3

I might be a day late posting this, but for good reason...

first crochet adventure

You're looking at my first ever crochet adventure! :D Actually, um, that's a small lie. My very first crochet adventure is a very sorry looking triangle because I kept dropping stitches but I am choosing to ignore it for it shames me. Pretty sure I had my very first official stitch and bitch session last night with my housemate! How exciting. ;)

I am using this book to learn and it has been excellent so far, as I have pretty much no idea at all what I'm doing and it is really clear and super helpful :) Also, it's a bit silly. I do like the stitch 'n bitch books, they're fun!

I think crochet and me have a very happy future ahead of us. ;) Knitting and I have never quite hit it off, and even though I hope we do one day, me and crochet are quite happy for the time being. As you can see, I have only really produced... a fairly useless rectangle, but I hope to have something *actual* to show for it next week! :D

I finished my exams on Thursday (yay!) so immediately ran away to Glasgow to be slovenly with Gavin and watch the entire Lord of the Rings extended edition films. I am doing a Tolkien module next semester and thought that before starting my epic Tolkien re-reading spree - what better way to warm up than watching pretty men with long hair on horses Jackson's epic feat in film-making? (Favourite thing about the extended editions? Extra Boromir/Faramir brotherly manlove scenes, and extra Eowyn/Faramir scene. YES YES AND MORE YES.)

So, not a massively productive week on the photography front, due to exams, ice cream, films and dull weather, but I did manage to get one decent-ish shot of my newly deboxed Doronjo, Jessica!

Hello, Jessica!

Isn't she THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING? Her hair is the most gorgeous colour. I think I have found my kryptonite - natural hair colours that have a hint of fantasy about them. ♥

Hope the next week brings lot of lovely weather so I can enjoy my time off!

alice xox

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Creative Challenge Week #2

Firstly, something VERY EXCITING happened on Wednesday...

The Ultimate Form of Torture

Hullo thar bb! ♥ My Doronjo arrived safe and sound (and on time!) with no customs charges or mishaps along the way. Which... is more than I can say for my recent experiences with the post. Ick.

Though... this excitement is rather curtailed by the fact I am in the middle of exams. Proud to say I have been successful in not opening her! I have a WILL OF STEEL. My first exam is tomorrow (cue quiet sobbing of desperation) and my last on Thursday, so not too long now. She's such a stunner, I can't wait to release her properly, especially her gorgeous hair ♥ I'm thinking at the moment that her name might be Jessica - I was flicking through books on my desk and picked up Dune - thought it suited her! :) The name Jessica, to me, seems to have the ability to be both very sweet and also kind of kick ass, which is Doronjo all over. On the one hand she is just beautiful and adorable (that hair!) and on the other, well, I mean. Look at her. Her box almost has a kind of dominatrix feel to it, heheh.

Back to them pesky exams... they have sucked up all my time and energy and I have had little to no craftiness this week, I am sorry to report. :( I sewed half a dress but haven't had the energy to finish it. I did, however, manage to take some photos I rather like, including a very nice one of Pepper, which I had hoped to do!

'Right, I'm all ready for Hoth!'

Her wonderful goggles are from JemgirlCreations on Etsy. I looove them!

Happy Caterpillar!

This little guy also got some quick camera time. I bought him in the summer, he's just a cheap bath toy from the supermarket but I thought he was super adorable, and couldn't resist him. He also squeaks, which will never cease to be an exciting toy feature, no matter how old I get. :P

By this time next week, I will have finished my exams, and hopefully will have lots of pretty photos of Jessica to prove it. :) I won't set any ambitious targets for next Sunday, as most of the week will be lost to work and then recovering, but hopefully I will have a chance to do a little sewing. :) After that, though, I have 3 weeks or so off until next semester and I will get my craftin' on! :D

Crossing my fingers for nice exam questions!

alice xox

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Creative Challenge Week #1

Time for my first crafty evaluation! I moved back to my current 'home' (as a student who moves around a lot, home is just what I call wherever my dolls are!) and so am once more surrounded by my plastic lovelies! The downside is I'm in a poor student house again and it is cold. :( Also, we have a little bit of a damp problem (either that or I'm just remarkably humid) and so have spent the past few days discovering mould and getting rid of it. Ick ick ick. Sadly, Gavin left yesterday so have had to deal with subsequent mould myself. I prefer the delicate standing-in-the-background-pulling-faces approach. ;)

Anyway! I took two photos I'm really pleased with this week! Feels like a good start to 2011, as I was so displeased with a lot of my photos in the latter half of 2010 ♥


My pukifee ante, Willow, in her adorable new clothes, wishing for better weather. (You can see the amount of condensation that is normal for my window here! Like I said, I must be very humid and moist. O_o Must be all that breathing I'm doing. Honestly, what am I like.)

Cooking With Domo-Kun!

Chaotic cooking with domo-kun! I really like this photo, I just splurged on a bunch of re-ment and would like to include them more in my photos. :D

Next week I want to get a nice photo of Pepper and possibly some more re-ment scenes!

I also managed to do a little crafty sewing, yay! Here it is, modelled by Beth:

Creative Challenge 2011 #1

I also made the matching bracelets this week! :) It's not perfect but it's cute and my girls will definitely wear it. :) I can't take any credit for the pretty hem at the bottom though - that was already part of the material I used. M&S sell a bunch of cute ladies knickers with little patterns on and I bought some a while back for making dollie dresses from - obviously unused! (As well as some for me, heheh, who doesn't need pants with ice lollies on? :D) It's really soft, lovely material! This top was also made from M&S knickers. :)

Feel as if I should mention my successful baking this week. I successfully baked the best consistency flapjack I have yet produced, a yummy cake from salvaged ingredients at the back of Gav's parents' cupboards, a delicious batch of raspberry and white chocolate muffins (though I wouldn't use frozen raspberries again, they defrosted quite soggy-ish and came apart a lot in the mix...) and some chocolate cupcakes. This is quite prolific for me! And a little bit creative... right? Or just greedy? :3

I also did a bit of cheeky spending on the internet...

Um, oops. :D She has totally stolen my heart. Never though I'd say this but I actually hope she arrives later rather than sooner. I can't open her until after my exams (and this time, I have to stick to that rule!) and I fear for my resolve if she arrives much before they finish. Eeeeep so excited!

Well, I'm off. I've got lots of frantic and fruitless refreshing of EMS to be getting on with. ;)

alice xox

Monday, 3 January 2011

Hello, 2011!

Well, this is embarrassing. It's been nine whole months (nine!) since I lasted blogged. What's happened since then? Urr, quite a bit! Perhaps one of the best bits of how much of my wish list in my last entry I seem to have ticked off. I'm now a proud owner of not only a lovely Eos, a beautiful Gyro (wonderful 21st birthday present from The Boy) but also my very own Goldie! I didn't see that one coming. She's a beauty though, and I love her to bits. She's never leaving! ♥

(Also, the Eng Lit module that I mentioned last time that was cancelled was actually continued! It's been brilliant fun.)

This little mosaic I made makes a pretty neat summary of my year (it's available as Friends Only on Flickr - give me a shout if you are on Flickr and can't see it!)

1. January (in which Emily arrives!)
2. February (in which my lovely custom Tango is finally finished!)
3. March (in which I take my personal favourite photo to date!)
4. April (in which I play with shadows)
5. May (in which the much loved Beth joins my family ♥)
6. June (in which I eat quite possibly the most beautifully presented cupcake in the world)
7. July (in which I clean toilets during the Open and Pip plays golf)
8. August (in which the beautiful Annie flies home!)
9. September (in which I take a family photo)
10. October (in which BLYTHECON happens!)
11. November (in which I turn 21, get a surprise paycheque and treat myself to a pukifee!)
12. December (in which the UK fails at dealing with snow and I get pretty photos!)

Despite the excellence of the new arrivals, Blythecon (which was just awesome), and turning (supposedly) the best age of my life among other things I don't think I'll remember 2010 particularly fondly. Nothing terrible happened, it just felt a little bit like a string of things going slightly wrong. Very frustrating! 2011 isn't an exciting year either, it's very much an in-between year for me. I won't graduate and start moving on with my life (which I am feeling quite ready to do right now!) until 2012, so I'm going to try and make 2011 count in other ways. My new years resolutions are not set in stone, with my overall aim being to be more creative and crafty and set time aside every week to play with dollies, photos and various bits and pieces. :) I'm quite a manic/anxious person and definitely need some downtime to stop me going nuts. I also thrive on lists. ;)

I have decided Sunday will be my Evaluation Day, in which I evaluate the craftiness/creativity of the week and set new targets for the following week! I aim to produce one creative thing (at least!) per week, photos not included. I hope to also take at least one good photo per week. My 365 failed last year, though after a fairly reasonable effort, and I was so disappointed in myself (maybe somewhat irrationally!) that I have set a looser target. Due to various factors, I just don't think I could manage one, but hope to be in a position to try in 2012. I think the revival of this blog for Evaluation Days will be a good way to record the productivity of my year! :)

I expect much of my creative efforts will focus on dollies, because I love them so. Hoping to improve my sewing in particular!

I'm not counting yesterday, Sunday 2nd January, because it was only a few days and I was lazy busy - but shall be starting next Sunday! :D The first few weeks are likely to be sparse as I have exams coming up and so have a quota of blind panic and desperation I must fulfil each day as well. Eeeep. I hate exams. :(

I spent Christmas in Newcastle with my family and went up to Aberdeenshire to spend New Year with The Boy and family, but travelling back to St Andrews tomorrow - which is what feels like my proper home, and so 2011 feels like it is properly starting for me tomorrow. :) I can get cracking with my revision (sob!) and be reunited with my paints, materials, perfectly plump pillows and (most importantly) all my plastic babies. ♥

Wishing you all the very best for 2011 - make it count. :)

alice xox

My last photo of 2010 - my Pukifee Willow enters the new year in style. ;)