Sunday, 9 January 2011

Creative Challenge Week #1

Time for my first crafty evaluation! I moved back to my current 'home' (as a student who moves around a lot, home is just what I call wherever my dolls are!) and so am once more surrounded by my plastic lovelies! The downside is I'm in a poor student house again and it is cold. :( Also, we have a little bit of a damp problem (either that or I'm just remarkably humid) and so have spent the past few days discovering mould and getting rid of it. Ick ick ick. Sadly, Gavin left yesterday so have had to deal with subsequent mould myself. I prefer the delicate standing-in-the-background-pulling-faces approach. ;)

Anyway! I took two photos I'm really pleased with this week! Feels like a good start to 2011, as I was so displeased with a lot of my photos in the latter half of 2010 ♥


My pukifee ante, Willow, in her adorable new clothes, wishing for better weather. (You can see the amount of condensation that is normal for my window here! Like I said, I must be very humid and moist. O_o Must be all that breathing I'm doing. Honestly, what am I like.)

Cooking With Domo-Kun!

Chaotic cooking with domo-kun! I really like this photo, I just splurged on a bunch of re-ment and would like to include them more in my photos. :D

Next week I want to get a nice photo of Pepper and possibly some more re-ment scenes!

I also managed to do a little crafty sewing, yay! Here it is, modelled by Beth:

Creative Challenge 2011 #1

I also made the matching bracelets this week! :) It's not perfect but it's cute and my girls will definitely wear it. :) I can't take any credit for the pretty hem at the bottom though - that was already part of the material I used. M&S sell a bunch of cute ladies knickers with little patterns on and I bought some a while back for making dollie dresses from - obviously unused! (As well as some for me, heheh, who doesn't need pants with ice lollies on? :D) It's really soft, lovely material! This top was also made from M&S knickers. :)

Feel as if I should mention my successful baking this week. I successfully baked the best consistency flapjack I have yet produced, a yummy cake from salvaged ingredients at the back of Gav's parents' cupboards, a delicious batch of raspberry and white chocolate muffins (though I wouldn't use frozen raspberries again, they defrosted quite soggy-ish and came apart a lot in the mix...) and some chocolate cupcakes. This is quite prolific for me! And a little bit creative... right? Or just greedy? :3

I also did a bit of cheeky spending on the internet...

Um, oops. :D She has totally stolen my heart. Never though I'd say this but I actually hope she arrives later rather than sooner. I can't open her until after my exams (and this time, I have to stick to that rule!) and I fear for my resolve if she arrives much before they finish. Eeeeep so excited!

Well, I'm off. I've got lots of frantic and fruitless refreshing of EMS to be getting on with. ;)

alice xox


  1. way to go on the sewing. very cute. but i now want to eat some cake. damn you!

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