Sunday, 16 January 2011

Creative Challenge Week #2

Firstly, something VERY EXCITING happened on Wednesday...

The Ultimate Form of Torture

Hullo thar bb! ♥ My Doronjo arrived safe and sound (and on time!) with no customs charges or mishaps along the way. Which... is more than I can say for my recent experiences with the post. Ick.

Though... this excitement is rather curtailed by the fact I am in the middle of exams. Proud to say I have been successful in not opening her! I have a WILL OF STEEL. My first exam is tomorrow (cue quiet sobbing of desperation) and my last on Thursday, so not too long now. She's such a stunner, I can't wait to release her properly, especially her gorgeous hair ♥ I'm thinking at the moment that her name might be Jessica - I was flicking through books on my desk and picked up Dune - thought it suited her! :) The name Jessica, to me, seems to have the ability to be both very sweet and also kind of kick ass, which is Doronjo all over. On the one hand she is just beautiful and adorable (that hair!) and on the other, well, I mean. Look at her. Her box almost has a kind of dominatrix feel to it, heheh.

Back to them pesky exams... they have sucked up all my time and energy and I have had little to no craftiness this week, I am sorry to report. :( I sewed half a dress but haven't had the energy to finish it. I did, however, manage to take some photos I rather like, including a very nice one of Pepper, which I had hoped to do!

'Right, I'm all ready for Hoth!'

Her wonderful goggles are from JemgirlCreations on Etsy. I looove them!

Happy Caterpillar!

This little guy also got some quick camera time. I bought him in the summer, he's just a cheap bath toy from the supermarket but I thought he was super adorable, and couldn't resist him. He also squeaks, which will never cease to be an exciting toy feature, no matter how old I get. :P

By this time next week, I will have finished my exams, and hopefully will have lots of pretty photos of Jessica to prove it. :) I won't set any ambitious targets for next Sunday, as most of the week will be lost to work and then recovering, but hopefully I will have a chance to do a little sewing. :) After that, though, I have 3 weeks or so off until next semester and I will get my craftin' on! :D

Crossing my fingers for nice exam questions!

alice xox

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