Monday, 24 January 2011

Creative Challenge Week #3

I might be a day late posting this, but for good reason...

first crochet adventure

You're looking at my first ever crochet adventure! :D Actually, um, that's a small lie. My very first crochet adventure is a very sorry looking triangle because I kept dropping stitches but I am choosing to ignore it for it shames me. Pretty sure I had my very first official stitch and bitch session last night with my housemate! How exciting. ;)

I am using this book to learn and it has been excellent so far, as I have pretty much no idea at all what I'm doing and it is really clear and super helpful :) Also, it's a bit silly. I do like the stitch 'n bitch books, they're fun!

I think crochet and me have a very happy future ahead of us. ;) Knitting and I have never quite hit it off, and even though I hope we do one day, me and crochet are quite happy for the time being. As you can see, I have only really produced... a fairly useless rectangle, but I hope to have something *actual* to show for it next week! :D

I finished my exams on Thursday (yay!) so immediately ran away to Glasgow to be slovenly with Gavin and watch the entire Lord of the Rings extended edition films. I am doing a Tolkien module next semester and thought that before starting my epic Tolkien re-reading spree - what better way to warm up than watching pretty men with long hair on horses Jackson's epic feat in film-making? (Favourite thing about the extended editions? Extra Boromir/Faramir brotherly manlove scenes, and extra Eowyn/Faramir scene. YES YES AND MORE YES.)

So, not a massively productive week on the photography front, due to exams, ice cream, films and dull weather, but I did manage to get one decent-ish shot of my newly deboxed Doronjo, Jessica!

Hello, Jessica!

Isn't she THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING? Her hair is the most gorgeous colour. I think I have found my kryptonite - natural hair colours that have a hint of fantasy about them. ♥

Hope the next week brings lot of lovely weather so I can enjoy my time off!

alice xox


  1. I'm so pleased you've taken up crochet - I know exactly what you mean about not getting on so well with knitting. I re-learned how to knit last year, but it's so slow compared to crochet! My hands are just so much happier with a hook.
    Also, your Doronjo. She makes me happy. I'm trying to convince Dan he needs a Doronjo, as he is in love with them in their mad stock. XD

  2. Ahh she is beautiful! I love her rosey cheeks, I'm so jealous! x