Sunday, 30 January 2011

Creative Challenge Week #4

Last week you saw my cheerful looking first ever crochet swatch but this week I have moved onto making actual things! :D I did produce quite a few more swatches learning the different kinds of stitches and messing on with changing colours and stuff, but behold! - some doll sized fruits of my labour!


On the left, modelled by Jessica, you can see my first attempt, which is a bit... saggy. On the right, modelled by Beth, is my second attempt, which fits much better! It was then promptly stolen from her by Jessica (uh oh, I sense many such fights between these two :P) and here she is in all her glory~


Ahhh what a pretty girl ♥

I'm pretty pleased with my crocheting progress (we are definitely bffs) and going to make lots more pretty hats in the future, yay! I have been working on something *big* and *human sized* this weekend, though it's not quite finished yet, which I am excited about and can hopefully unveil next Sunday. I have discovered the most EXCELLENT crafty shop in St Andrews as well, which I can't actually believe I missed before! It has a fairly limited selection by most standards, but this is a tiny town and it's pretty extensive considering. Will definitely be back to snag some more wool and beads!

I also had TWO photos in Explore on Flickr this week, le gasp! I don't really know whether to be proud of that or not (for Explore is a strange and most peculiar thing) but here they are, nonetheless! :)

Annie Rawr!

Have a few more photos from my week, including a yummy ice cream, my kidrobot treedweller I snagged in Glasgow last weekend, Jessica's lovely eyechip and Gavin being observed curiously. ;)

B. Jannetta Treedweller

♥ Who's the weirdo crouching in the undergrowth?

Gavin visited this weekend and we went on a photo jaunt as he has a new camera! He took a shot of me and Jessica which is quite sweet and I have pinched it from him, as I have barely any photos of me and my girls!

Behold, Me!

but there we are, in the midst of a Scottish winter looking chilly ♥

I have another week off still, which is glorious and excellent :D I am now off to eat chips and cake and crochet. Yay! ♥

alice xox


  1. Eeek, you're picking up crochet way faster than me! I couldn't work in a circle for ages... I ended up with square-ound-blong shapes. Congrats on Explore - I've never had any of my photos in Explore - just one Jamie took of me and Alice Cooper, heh. I don't know how Flickr works it out either. It has scary innards, I reckon.

  2. oooo u has a blog i didnt know this I'm now stalking you :P love the crochet hat too <3