Monday, 3 January 2011

Hello, 2011!

Well, this is embarrassing. It's been nine whole months (nine!) since I lasted blogged. What's happened since then? Urr, quite a bit! Perhaps one of the best bits of how much of my wish list in my last entry I seem to have ticked off. I'm now a proud owner of not only a lovely Eos, a beautiful Gyro (wonderful 21st birthday present from The Boy) but also my very own Goldie! I didn't see that one coming. She's a beauty though, and I love her to bits. She's never leaving! ♥

(Also, the Eng Lit module that I mentioned last time that was cancelled was actually continued! It's been brilliant fun.)

This little mosaic I made makes a pretty neat summary of my year (it's available as Friends Only on Flickr - give me a shout if you are on Flickr and can't see it!)

1. January (in which Emily arrives!)
2. February (in which my lovely custom Tango is finally finished!)
3. March (in which I take my personal favourite photo to date!)
4. April (in which I play with shadows)
5. May (in which the much loved Beth joins my family ♥)
6. June (in which I eat quite possibly the most beautifully presented cupcake in the world)
7. July (in which I clean toilets during the Open and Pip plays golf)
8. August (in which the beautiful Annie flies home!)
9. September (in which I take a family photo)
10. October (in which BLYTHECON happens!)
11. November (in which I turn 21, get a surprise paycheque and treat myself to a pukifee!)
12. December (in which the UK fails at dealing with snow and I get pretty photos!)

Despite the excellence of the new arrivals, Blythecon (which was just awesome), and turning (supposedly) the best age of my life among other things I don't think I'll remember 2010 particularly fondly. Nothing terrible happened, it just felt a little bit like a string of things going slightly wrong. Very frustrating! 2011 isn't an exciting year either, it's very much an in-between year for me. I won't graduate and start moving on with my life (which I am feeling quite ready to do right now!) until 2012, so I'm going to try and make 2011 count in other ways. My new years resolutions are not set in stone, with my overall aim being to be more creative and crafty and set time aside every week to play with dollies, photos and various bits and pieces. :) I'm quite a manic/anxious person and definitely need some downtime to stop me going nuts. I also thrive on lists. ;)

I have decided Sunday will be my Evaluation Day, in which I evaluate the craftiness/creativity of the week and set new targets for the following week! I aim to produce one creative thing (at least!) per week, photos not included. I hope to also take at least one good photo per week. My 365 failed last year, though after a fairly reasonable effort, and I was so disappointed in myself (maybe somewhat irrationally!) that I have set a looser target. Due to various factors, I just don't think I could manage one, but hope to be in a position to try in 2012. I think the revival of this blog for Evaluation Days will be a good way to record the productivity of my year! :)

I expect much of my creative efforts will focus on dollies, because I love them so. Hoping to improve my sewing in particular!

I'm not counting yesterday, Sunday 2nd January, because it was only a few days and I was lazy busy - but shall be starting next Sunday! :D The first few weeks are likely to be sparse as I have exams coming up and so have a quota of blind panic and desperation I must fulfil each day as well. Eeeep. I hate exams. :(

I spent Christmas in Newcastle with my family and went up to Aberdeenshire to spend New Year with The Boy and family, but travelling back to St Andrews tomorrow - which is what feels like my proper home, and so 2011 feels like it is properly starting for me tomorrow. :) I can get cracking with my revision (sob!) and be reunited with my paints, materials, perfectly plump pillows and (most importantly) all my plastic babies. ♥

Wishing you all the very best for 2011 - make it count. :)

alice xox

My last photo of 2010 - my Pukifee Willow enters the new year in style. ;)


  1. i totally just misread that as "reunited with my pants" and i was concerned that you were travelling without any. i hope your 2011 is fabulous. enjoy being 21. it slips away faster than you realize. :)