Monday, 7 February 2011

Creative Challenge Week #5

Alas, my last week of vacation. :( Finished yesterday (when I should have done my blog update, but I was distracted by WoW and forgot, oops) and I was back to class today. Despite the compulsory "booo less free time" kind of reaction, I'm actually excited to be back and be doing work! My modules are fun and I prefer having some kind of structure. :) Even though classes don't really provide me with a whole bunch of structure, as an arts student! I have two classes a week... but I have work to be doing, and so a reason to get up early and be productive. :D

It's been poop weather here, tonnes of rain and really windy, so I haven't really braved it, for food or photos. xD

I have been quite productive on the crochet front, though! :) I am getting better at making properly fitted Blythe hats, and even gave one some little embellishments, as modelled by Beth! :)

Ladybug Hat

I also completed a human sized item, a crocheted bag! ^_^

Fashion First Aid

The pattern is Fashion First Aid by Sarah Davis, which is in the Stich N Bitch crochet book. I altered it slightly to make the strap longer (200 rather than 140 stitches) and was a bit sloppy in counting my rows, so the back is longer than the first. Lazy mistake! >__< Still, weee, a crochet bag! I feel all proud of myself whenever I wear it! :3

Anyway, hoping for better weather next week and lots of exciting lectures :D I have my first Tolkien class tomorrow, weeeeee~

alice oxo

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