Sunday, 27 February 2011

Creative Challenge Week #8 (and Alice makes her grandmother proud)

As you probably know if you're reading this, I go to St Andrews university. It's very nice and I like it lots, though it can feel like far too small a place to be stuck in for 4 years! Since I've started working here over the summer as well, I really never get away from the place and forget how lovely it is and pine for shops and people who aren't students. It's a strange place, both of the fun, quirky kind, and also the Just Plain Odd kind. I haven't studied here while Prince William did, so I don't really know what it was like, but it sounds like he led a pretty normal student life (well, not the kind I live, but the kind all the posh kids live) and I think this is one of the only towns you could really get away with that in!

Anyway, as you may have seen on the TellyBox, Mr Future King and his Lady Friend came to visit!

I've sort of met royal people twice before. I'm not... big on the whole royal family thing (though my grandma thinks I'm unpatriotic and rubbish for my non-brown nosing ways) but you know, it's still kind of exciting. When I was 12-ish my school's wind band was supposed to play for the Queen for her olden jubilee thing, when she officially opened the Gateshead Millenium Bridge ... but she arrived late and we had already played. D: (We weren't particularly impressive, but we were quite fun and organised for a state school wind band - Mr S made us play all sorts of tunes I never realised were quite as hilarious until I think back on it. Also, you always need children when the royalty visit, add some cuteness. It's the rules.) Prince Phillip did chat with us for a bit though, and was very nice and jolly!

The next time definitely counts as a proper meeting. It was my school's (different one!) tercentenary and my friends and I had helped create a school board game as a celebration type thing. It was completely ridiculous. We filled it with inside jokes and it was probably completely incomprehensible to everyone else. Still, we sold enough to cover the costs of printing the board and cards etc.! My first (and last...) successful business venture! Anyway, somehow, my tiny school managed to bag the Queen on her general North-Easterly visit to open the new Sixth Form Centre, god knows how. They were massively chuffed about this and made this whole sort of walk-through tour through the building for her, and we were allowed (ORDERED, actually, I didn't want to do it) to get a table to ourselves and our board game.

The Queen got walked past all the other stuff (which was way less embarrassing) and then we had to stand there in front of the monarch and explain we'd, ur, made a board game. She looked a bit confused, and asked a question. These being the only three words the Queen has ever said to me: "Is it playable?" Bit disappointing.

1.) Two of those words are only two letters long.
2.) I'm not sure the third is a word.
3.) She at least briefly entertained the notion that we had either a.) designed a game that was intentionally purely decorative or b.) failed to design a working game.

I feel slighted.

So the only word I have ever said to the Queen is "yes." I think I should've stuck a "ma'am" on the end there, but I forgot. Oops.

Someone else in my group had a moment of complete idiocy and decided to offer her a copy and we all groaned and whinged at him afterwards because god it was cringey. She didn't look especially enthusiastic, got to admit. Don't know if that ever happened. I doubt it!

So I didn't have very high expectations for the royal visit to St Andrews. By which I mean I wasn't going to go, hahaha. I had class in the morning, so was going to come home and eat cake and maybe watch the highlights on tv and make disgruntled noises. It's INCONVENIENT. We'd had loads of places fenced off for ages and classes cancelled and rearranged and everything. I tried to go to class that morning, but forgot photo ID (which, yanno, isn't something I have EVER NEEDED BEFORE to go to my seminar) and was sent home by the security men who were quite rude, and told me off for having not "known better" on a "day like this." Walked home, but it takes me 20 minutes to get home (and no taxis because ALL the sodding roads were blocked off) so I would have caught the last ten minutes. So I missed my tutorial on The Silmarillion and was very grumpy. :(

But for some reason, I ended up back in town with my camera and Beth, and it was quite a fun atmosphere and I had fun. So sue me. There were snipers on the roof and a fly-by and everything! We hung around for ages and it was cold but sunny but I took a photo in Kate Middleton's face! :)

Kate Middleton

Northpoint! Where Kate Met Wills...


My grandma would be proud! :3

I also escaped the confines of St Andrews yesterday and ran away to Edinburgh, which was an excellent change and I bought LOADS of yarn.

Obligatory Tourist Shot #1

Obligatory Tourist Shot #2

Have lots of plans for the yarn, watch this space! ^_-

All I have to show for my creative endeavours this week is this:

Pink Glovies

They are now in the possession of my housemate!

I also made my first amigurumi, but I forgot to take a photo. He's a little ghostie ♥

alice xox

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  1. Hah, that photo of Kate M. is rather excellent! Any chance of sharing the fingerless gloves pattern please? Dan's been after a set, and I'd quite like some too ^_____^
    ♥ x x x