Sunday, 13 February 2011

Creative Challenge Week #6

First of all - if you've noticed you suddenly have a new follower, it's me! I have moved this blog from my old blogger account to my new gmail account - and so am blogging from a different account and had to add you guys all back so I have lots of pretty things on my feed! :)

The reason for the new gmail is actually because my hotmail (and battlenet) got hacked this week... no damage was done, but it panicked me because I'm incredibly stupid and use the same password for nearly everything. I know I know, I'm a complete idiot. I've changed that now, and you'll be pleased to know my WoW account had no serious damage. :P I was apparently spammy and inappropriate on chat and that's it. (Another member of my guild was hacked this week as well, but they weren't so lucky. Emptied our entire guild bank. Eeek!)

I have learned my lesson about bad internet hygiene! :$

Anyway, craftiness! My love affair with crochet continues! :P I have borrowed (perhaps unwisely) a massive boxset of House from my housemate (one of those programmes I neglected to watch and now am kicking myself) and so have found the perfect multitasking combo: House and crochet. :P I don't really watch episodic TV - by which I mean, most of my programmes have way more of sense of continuity from episode to episode, and I get super hooked and binge for hours because I need to see each plot arc through. House does have that, but the episodes are way more self contained and that's quite a novelty. I finish one and can then stop, and do something else. It's less dangerous to my work! :P

Anyway, I crocheted a woolly kindle cover as my beloved kindle didn't have a home (and was getting jealous of Gavin's fancy official Amazon cover) -pretty straightforward pattern I came up with myself, could probably do better next time with regards to the colour swapping and shape. :)

Kindle Cover

At least my kindle is cosy now!

I am also halfway through a pair of rainbow handwarmers, but I'm not sure about them yet and they might be for the unravelling, so no photos. :)

I think making Blythe hats is my new favourite thing ever. The scale is definitely a big part of the appeal - my yarn goes further and they're so quick compared to human sized things!

Flower Hats!

I learned how to crochet flowers last night and it was very exciting. :D I was thinking about setting up an Etsy shop to sell them - not because I want to make profit, or because I think they're particularly excellent, just because I enjoy making them and there has to be some sort of turnover - my girls only have so many heads... :P

I'd love to know your opinions on this! I have no idea how I'd price them, if they'd even sell, etc... I'd just love to keep on making cute little hats and playing with yarn! Please do let me know your thoughts~

alice xox


  1. i would def buy some!! set up the shop!! go do it... NOW!

  2. Blythe hats are the ultimate in instant gratification! I've considered making them to sell, but a) can't be arsed, and b) think that the market is flooded with them as it is anyway. It wouldn't hurt to make up a bunch and list them though... I mean, it's not like you'd lose anything for doing it, and if you enjoy making them... why not? :)
    Kindle sock is ace - I'm actually trying to use up some of the FOUR MASSIVE TUBS of yarn I had donated to me ages ago by knocking up phone/hook/blah cases in the evenings. It was old lady yarn, so some of it is vile but there are some nice bits knocking about too. It seems a shame to just have it sitting there, and anything I really don't want to use I'm going to stick on freecycle or send it to a charity shop.
    <3 x