Monday, 21 February 2011

Creative Challenge Week #7

This week I branched out into human sized clothes, le gasp! :O

I decided to have a stab at some fingerless gloves. I get really cold hands, but love having my fingers free, and wanted a pair that didn't get in the way of my crocheting so I could do it in the cold. :P

Here is one of the pairs that I made:

Teal Fingerless Gloves

Now started worked on a stripy pair which will probably go to my fellow cold-handed housemate if they turn out ok! :)

I am churning out doll hats at a rate of knots...


I am absolutely knackered so I hope you will excuse this day late post and my complete lack of anything interesting to say! I shall leave with this this cute photo of Beth, and the hope I will see many of you there next October! ^___~

BlytheconUK 2011?

alice xox


  1. great gloves! and i love your goldie's sign :)

  2. i love those teal gloves!!!! cant wait to see you again at blythecon YAY!