Monday, 28 March 2011

Weeks #11 and #12 catch-up!

Eeeeeps! I have fallen behind on my blog somewhat! I had essays due in, and then I was distracted by WoW, and crochet, and then my 3DS... Still done a satisfactory amount of crafting these past two weeks, though, I think! :) First up, a pattern I found off Ravelry for an adorable donut pincushion:

Donut Pincushion

I love it! :D I also made some fingerless gloves on request for Gavin's mum (in Burnley colours - three guesses where she's from, heheh!) and a few more dollie hats, but no pictures as they're very similar to some I've already posted on here. :)

I also - gasp - ventured away from my comfort zone of crochet-hookery, and branched out into the scary world of sewing! :o This is a Mother's Day project (which is next Sunday in the UK) so I don't know how well it'll go down - hopefully she'll like it! If so, I will be very pleased to have created something both aesthetically pleasing AND financially pleasing to me, heheh. Handmade gifts ftw!

I used a Provencal fabric I bought there a couple of years ago (from Bedoin market, if you know the area :D) with the intention of making little dollie dresses, which, I ur, never got round to. Mother requested a kindle cover, and though she requested a crocheted one, I thought fabric would work better - I could line it with fur! :) We used to always go to Provence for summer holidays when I was little and she really likes the fabric, so hopefully the change in medium will go down well even if it's not what she expected? We'll see!

It was also hard to miss the supermoon last week!

Supermoon!     Alice Does Photos!  

Here's my contribution to the excellent photos going round (though mine is less excellent!) and a photo Gavin took of me photographing it! :D It didn't actually look that big to me... but hey! It felt like a good chance to try out my tripod technique (ie. realise how little I know about long exposure photography!) and I never mind an excuse to watch the stars. :)


I also acquired some goodies this week...

New goodies!

I've been dying for some lalaloopsy pretties for agggges but they haven't been stocked in any of the "big" (ie. not so big) supermarkets in St Andrews so I did a jump for joy in Tesco today and promptly bought two. (Bonus: they were on offer!) Would have bought more but the mothership disapproved. :P

I also acquired my 3DS! :) I spontaneously turned into a different person at the check out and bought Nintendogs. Don't massively fancy any of the launch games (holding out for some of the ace summer releases) but kind of wanted something to play besides AR... and apparently bought a game I have previously held forth about how much I hate.

Actually kind of enjoying it. It's so stupid but the doggies are so cute and in 3D and licking your face and awwww <3

Will tide me over until Mario/Kid Icarus/Zelda. :D

Anyway, I'm currently on my spring break and at my mum's, with my spring break project being crocheting a blanket. Had not really realised that crocheting a blanket would, well, involve CROCHETING A BLANKET. It's an epic project - for me! I usually work so small. It's going pretty good but nothing worth taking a photo of yet, so watch this space! :) It's about double bed width and currently approaching 30cm tall. Long way to go!

alice xox

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  1. I had a go on the 3Ds in Game last week, most impressive! Does it make your eyes go funny after a bit or is it okay? Lovin' the Lalaloopsies too, I plan to invest in some soon :)