Saturday, 16 April 2011

Adventures with The Past!

Branched out a bit with my blogging this week and decided to throw in a video! Been wanting to talk about this for a while, and it was the perfect essay procrastination. Two birds, one stone, woo! Not usually a video maker due to being slightly awkward in front of the camera, but hopefully I haven't made too much of a fool of myself... enjoy! :)

I'll be posting some nice, proper photos of the 'artifacts' soon - they're just so OLD and awesome! Watch this space!

alice xox


  1. nerd.

    nerd nerd nerdy nerd nerd.

    also, i love this post. i feel inspired to do a video blog.

  2. Dan says apparently you can look up the cencus for free at the 'local county records office' so id try that when you got back.
    Im also going on an adventrue with the past soon, i found my road sign in my shed at home... im gonna clean that up, paint it and bring it to the flat i think..
    Random the things you find in the house you grew up in and things.

  3. Wow! Cool! I hope that you manage to find out more about her. I got bitten by the family history bug some years ago and it feels like being a detective! Have you tried tracing your family tree back to see if you can find anyone of that surname in your family? The little card about not drinking - I think there were Temperance societies at that time where people signed a pledge to not drink - maybe connected with her church as she seemed to maybe be religious?