Saturday, 21 May 2011

Behind the scenes...

Inspired by this blog post by the excellent Laura Kate, I have decided to do a little 'behind the scenes' post of my own! I was having a browse through Gavin's (my most excellent boy) photo stream and realised that we have quite a few photos I can pair up from our joint photo adventures, and thought it was a fun idea!

All photos click through to their flickr page. :)

First, here's one that pairs up perfectly - a fairly recent photo of Pepper featuring Gavin in the background....

There's a man in my photo!

... turns out he was taking a photo of his own!


And if we go back into *the past* (almost two years ago!) to this photo of Russ...


... looks like Gavin has been documenting my dolly photographing exploits longer than I had thought!


Another photo (from about a year ago) of Gavin's lovely doggies...


... which must have been snapped pretty much around the time he took this photo of me! :)


This shot of Jessica (ooohhh her prettiness just blows me away every time!) last January...


... must have been taken shortly after this shot of me looking (oddly!) reflective!


... and shortly before these silly shots! xD


Remember that time my brand new Cath Kidston wellies betrayed me, and I only found out they were leaking as I proudly waded out into a puddle?


Well, this is the exact moment I realised. :P Note: I am trying to look dignified. Felt pretty daft considering there was really no need for me to have waded out into that puddle in the first place!


And this:


... became this! Supermooon!


Finally, some general behind the scenes photos of me with no particular pair. :)

From the new... in which Gavin places thing in my hood without my noticing until they pop up on Flickr! :P


Me, in Edinburgh.


To the old...

... which is still one of my favourite photos of his ever, two years on. :) Though I do very much look a bit of a crazy dollie lady, hugging Russ, it's just also a really lovely photo.

Ok, enough self indulgence for one day! Crafty updates coming next time! :)

alice xox


  1. I completely enjoyed your post today; felt like I was peeking into your private life. I love that you're not embarassed to be out and about with the dolls. Sometimes I've to sneak around to pose and photograph the dolls, in case some passersby think I'm loopy. My hubby doesn't fully "get it,' but doesn't give me a hard time though. Better than if I was spending a fortune on designer jewelry, or a toyboy lol.\

  2. You don't look like a crazy dolly lady to me at all! I thorough enjoyed your pics!

  3. aww, i've inspired someone to do something fun! hoorah! (and also, super cute and fun post!!)

  4. These are such great photos that Gavin has taken of you taking photos of dolls, I wish my boyfriend did that :D And the last photo is just lovely!

  5. Fab photos, and so sweet the way you interact with your dolls, glad nobody's documenting me! (or ARE they!? O.O)