Monday, 2 May 2011

Creative Challenge Week - er ... erm... is it May already?!

Woah 2011, slow down! This year is completely running away with me! I can't believe it's May already... At the end of the month, after my exams (eeeerk) I have to pack up all my stuff and move as my lease only runs during semester here, and I still kind of feel like I've only just settled in. I have a job (working in a toy shop, hooray!) over the summer and I'm moving in with my dad for the 4 months. Lots of creative plans for my summer downtime!

So, as you may have noticed, I have no clue whatsoever what week it is, but I can assure you I've been sticking to my challenge and doing a little something creative every week!

This ranges from my usual crocheting to the rather silly -

My Tennents Fascinator

- making my own fascinator to wear while watching the royal wedding. (Excuse my face.)

For those who don't know this is an (empty!) can of Tennents. (I actually can't stand the stuff. I didn't even drink it, just poured it straight down the sink. Believe me, it's not a waste.) Tennents is cheap Scottish lager that, when I last checked, was £1.50 a pint at the union and so is a popular drink among students at St Andrews. Given the royal alumni, it seemed appropriately classy. ;) Like I said, I'd rather drink from the toilet. But still, that big red T is kind of iconic! I'm sure Kate and Wills would have appreciated it. (Though I'm also quite sure they barely touched the stuff! 'Commoner' my arse.)

Despite being deeply apathetic about the whole royal family thing, we decorated the living room and I watched the whole thing in a pathetic girly fashion! Mmmm, lace! I lost my bet that the Queen's hat would be lilac, and admired some of the festive offerings about town.

I also finally got around to making the crochet hat I've been dreaming of making since I started!

Viking Helmet!

I do sort of hate the vikings on principal (as a Anglo-saxon nerd) but not that much, because they're kind of awesome. I wouldn't want a viking round my house, burning my books and being hooligans, but as an abstract, they sound ace. Sailing round the world, pillaging and toasting Valhalla while drinking mead. I can see why they're doing so well in popular culture, even though I have to put up a token resistance and badmouth them. :P I know this isn't a strictly accurate historical representation of their helmets, either... but shhh! It looks cool. ;)

Really enjoying making hats again (and now I can sit in the garden and crochet, yay weather!) so I've been churning them out and plan a massive etsy shop update, many of which may have horns. ;)

I have also decided it is time to unveil my blanket! I haven't taken a single photo of it since I announced it was happening, way before spring break, and it's time I posted a WIP photo...

WIP Blanket!

Ta da! Hopefully my inclusion of my shoes puts it in some perspective... it's taken soooo much time from my life already! I'm not even finished the first rainbow rotation - but only violet to go now!

I am just simply doing rows of double crochet (US term) using a 4mm hook. 5 rows of white, then 5 rows of colour, with the 2nd and 4th being white... repeat. I couldn't tell you how wide it is in stitches, I just kept going and going and then realised it was actually going to spread across a double bed! Eeek. It's rather bigger than I intended! I can DC like a demon now, though it still tends to take me about half an hour per row, I think. I usually finish one whilst watching a 4o minute episode of DS9!

Mostly using acrylic and acrylic blends as I wanted it to be very washable and expect it to see a lot of wear and tear. :) Had hoped to finish it for the nice weather so I could sit on it outside - need to get a move on!

Righto, think I've rambled on enough for one post. Hope everyone in the UK had a fabulous bank holiday weekend (both of them!) and everyone enjoyed the wedding! :)

alice xox


  1. rock on with your crochet self!

    how did i miss that helmet? i am in love. i will trade you things for one!!! (or maybe a small piece of my soul? or even some monies).

  2. Fabulous fabulous fascinator! A touch of class, I must say! ;)
    I am super jealous of your blanket making. I have done absolutely nothing crafty in weeks and weeks now, and need to kick myself into being motivated again. Stupid work and life getting in the way of sitting about playing with string and dollies!

  3. Love the viking helmet! Not sure the vikings would have seemed so scary in a crocheted hat though :) The fascinator is reight classy (as we say in Sheffield)