Sunday, 19 June 2011

I'm still alive!

So, it's been a while... so here's a super quick update! :) My life got really full all of a sudden! First there were exams, and then I had to pack and move back down to Newcastle, and then I started my summer job, and my internet life has taken a bit of a back seat (booo!) as I adjusted to my new situation. :)

I am living with my dad in his new house (mmmm, brand new carpet smell!) and have started working in a toy shop in the airport. On the one hand, it's ace, a.) to even have a job and b.) to work in a toy shop! :D On the other, airports demand rather unsociable working hours and my sleeping pattern is ALL over the place. Getting up at 3am destroys me, and I'm coping a bit better with being alternately well rested and utterly sleep deprived, but I don't think I'll get used to it as my shifts are so irregular. So, I am keeping busy and earning money, but not finding as much time for my hobbies as I would like! Hopefully I'll get the balance right soon. :)

Here's what I've been up to the past few weeks, inbetween passing out at every opportune moment and selling toys! ;)

Beth's not-so-sneaky hiding place...Feet Fishes!

I got an iPhone. It is my baby. I got my feets eaten by hungry fishes!

Viking! Raawr!

I discovered that I LOVE lego minifigures. (Another collection is born...)

Sand Heart ♥ Tango

Gav visited me in Newcastle, and we went to the beach. :)

Frankie Frankie

I got bitten by the Monster High bug...

Gotta get down on FriiiiiidayKnitting!

I acquired the new 3D Ocarina (!!!!) and - le gasp - I started knitting again!

(Don't worry knitters - I went out the next day and bought the right size needles for that yarn and started again, heheh.)

I learned to knit when I was very little and made a few very terrible scarves and never really anything beyond that - with the only thing I made recently being a knitted haggis for Gavin. Me and knitting never really got on, and I have found out why - I was knitting 'English' instead of 'continental'. Oh it is beautiful. I can use my perfected crochet yarn hold (around pinkie and fed over pointer finger) and it is MUCH easier going. I mean, I'm still painfully slow compared to crocheting and my tension is, um, well, very tense, but I hope to improve! :)

Not that crocheting isn't still my favourite, but who can help being drawn to those beautiful little 'v's of stockinette?

Hope to update a little sooner next time! :)

alice xox


  1. 1 - knitted haggis!? awesome.
    2 - be careful with the fishies. they can carry diseases. weird footborne fish diseases. eww.
    3 - yay for your blog not disappearing :)

  2. I am loving Monster High too. I really want the new Dead Tired Ghoulia. So pretty! I am just learning crochet at the minute. It took me ages to figure out how to hold everything properly. I looked a right fool - haha! Good luck with your knitting project and yay for your new job!