Tuesday, 5 July 2011


As I mentioned in my last entry, the Monster High bug bit me and Frankie joined the family. Somehow, in that mysterious ways dolls have of multiplying (you'd think I was spending furiously or something) I now have five Monster High dollies. Funny how that happens, isn't it?

Anyway, half the appeal of the MH dolls for me is their price. I do love customising but sometimes my nerve and wallet fail me when it comes to customising their more expensive bg-headed cousins... so I started my first MH customisation adventures!

The first hurdle was taking off Lagoona's head. I was expecting this to be a lot more difficult! I warmed her head in a dignified position - upside down in a glass of warm water - before pulling it off without that much force, quite easily.

The neck peg is an awkward shape, and I found it easiest to bend each 'prong' out separately. I did bend one prong a bit out of shape, as you can see, but I might just remove them as I've seen suggested on the internet. :)

The part that drove me ABSOLUTELY INSANE was removing the stock hair. SO. MUCH. GLUE.

The force and effort I had to put in getting all this blimmin glue out pretty much put my hands out of action for a few days. I had a BRUISE on my PALM. Ow ow ow!

After that, because apparently I'm a masochist, I decided to reroot using the locked loop technique. I have done two locked loop reroots before, but on Blythe dolls using a crochet hook. I (sort of unwisely) decided this method would also work Just Fine on other, smaller-headed dolls too.

Lagoona Blue Reroot!

It sort of does. The MH heads are tough enough to withstand the crochet hook strain (though the internet suggests 1/6 dolls are generally otherwise) and so I'm not ripping the scalp or anything.

... and here's how much I've done so far!

As you can see, somewhere along the line, this method (and the whole hair removal trauma) has damaged her make-up. :( Stupid Alice. Of course, when I first noticed this I had one of those Moments I'm sure all fellow crafters/customisers/etc. have, where EVERYTHING HAD GONE WRONG EVER, EVERYTHING WAS RUINED AND BEYOND SAVING.

After a bit of a tantrum and bribing my little sister to drive me to Asda and panic buying another stock Lagoona, I have managed to calm down a bit and think I will do some repainting and mild customising after I've finished the reroot, and next time, um, just use a reroot tool and glue. It sounds soooo much easier for dolls this size!

Monster High Spa Day!

The rest of the girls had a spa day yesterday, and I am hoping to be showing off their fabulous stock hair very soon! My second Lagoona's hair was worse than the first, but it's coming along VERY nicely! And more importantly, her make-up is intact. ;)

alice xox

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