Friday, 5 August 2011


I know, don't faint with shock - I'm making a blog entry!

I was honestly going to update these past two days now I'm off work (and so I have time to do things that aren't sleeping or working!) but instead I decided that a road trip to Scotland was in order...

Yes. Jessica and I eloped at Gretna Green. It was a beautiful ceremony, though she seemed a little put out that I took her to Gretna Green "Welcome Break" Service Station rather than an actual church. Still, it had a big photo of a church on the front, so it nearly counted, right?

Gretna Green "Welcome Break"

But in all seriousness, I drove (drove! me!) up to Glasgow to help Gavin move in and home-ify his new flat. (I stopped at Gretna on account of my bladder.) Also, I am living vicariously through him as I am deeply jealous of his new Adult Life as I continue in studenthood for another ten months and got really excited about choosing his duvet covers and bookshelves and all sorts!

It was a successful trip, though some thoughtless tosser (probably the landlord, sheesh) has put down RED CARPET in the flat, which inconsiderately messed up my blue colour scheme for Gav's room, but I managed to recover it. Phew.

On the way back, I decided to drive in actual Gretna and get a few shots this time.

It was cute! I even saw an actual wedding happening, though not there - up the road at a posh looking hotel. Weddings are one of the only occasions where I've found that being nosy and borderline intrusive is actually kind of ok, so I had a good old look. They'd even got this awesome looking horse and cart (complete with driver with TAILS on his coat!) to ride them off into the distance.

Anyway, what I was going to blog about was the excellence that was two Blythe meets I went to in July! I'd been starved of doll people since last year's Blythecon and it was lovely.

Leeds Blythe Meet!

The Leeds Blythe meet had quiet a turnout (20 of us, I think) and there were lots of beauties for me to admire. I was so busy admiring and sniffing (no really, give a Kenner a good whiff) that this is the only photo I really took.

Glasgow Blythe Meet!

The Glasgow meet was ace - great to finally meet all the Scottish Blythe ladies and admire their customising talent up close.

I really liked how different the vibes were at each meet, if that isn't too weird. Both were lovely and full of lovely people - but very different. Though there were plenty loooovely customs at the Leeds meet I feel there was also a lot of stock and Kenner appreciation, whereas the Glasgow meet was a full-on custom fest. It made me realise how much of a Kenner/stock nut I am turning into. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE customs and really need to do some more customising of my own (it's been too long!) but I am really going crazy-doll-lady for Kenners. I asked the ladies at Glasgow how they felt about Kenners, and they all agreed they were nice and all, but too expensive for them to consider them worth it.

On the one hand, I can totally see (in theory) why you wouldn't want to spend an arm and a leg on a beaten up, dirty, falling to pieces doll with cracks in her butt and hairplugs falling out, and would rather buy a cheaper and much more intact doll who is less "sacred" and you can customise and have fun with. It makes complete sense to sane people.

But I am not sane when it comes to Kenners. I never have been. They were the beautiful faces I first fell in love with and I've been sort of nearly buying one ever since I got into Blythe... that's nearly 4 years of tentative ebay stalking and failed bids. (I'm not sure I'll ever quite get over that one-legged beauty I missed in December 2008.)

So I have decided. 2011 is THE YEAR. This is THE YEAR I will get a Kenner.

Consider me officially on the hunt.

I must be insane.

alice xox

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  1. OH, Alice, I can't wait for you to get your Kenner!! It's so much more exciting with all the years you've built up to it :) It was very exciting to hear about your travels, too--it looks gorgeous there. I don't know how to do this instagram business; is it only for if you have an iPhone? hm. Anyway, hello, and good luck on your Kenner hunt! Any specific one you're looking for, so if I find one I can send you the info? Sidepart redhead is MINE if I ever get the money :P No, I haven't worked up to her, yet. xoxo, Phillaine