Thursday, 8 September 2011

So, I'm just really, really great at spending money.

Not to boast or anything, but I could probably spend professionally, I'm getting pretty good at it. I'm getting calmer and calmer typing the big ol' numbers in paypal!

So, last time I blogged, I announced my decision to make 2011 the Year of the Kenner. I'm absolutely delighted to report that a month in... and I kinda did it already. :) YAY!

All in all, it was a very quick hunt, but there were a few moment of First World Anguish, which I am very good at. I won't go into it too much, as I don't want to criticise anyone, just trying to give fellow doll crazies an approximation of my doll pain, hahah! Anyway, a blonde beauty popped up and I tried to acquire her only to lose her to someone with a higher offer, which made me sob a little bit, but fair enough. I was then, literally a week later, offered that same doll from the new owner, but for a higher price, and though this doll was CALLING TO ME SO BAD I turned it down as I felt the price was too high for me for this particular doll. Not to criticise the seller as it is ENTIRELY their right to ask for what they think is right, it just wasn't right for me. So yeah, First World Anguish ensued.

AND THEN... a beautiful blondie from the lovely Pooka popped up, and well, she was perfect. :D Not to mention in the UK, which is always a bonus for those of us stuck on this tiny island. I say stuck... I wouldn't want to be stuck anywhere else! It's just a bit of a pain when it comes to acquiring things from elsewhere and customs fees and all that.


Rose in Corbridge

She's here!


She's here!

I have decided to rename her Rose. I was so sure she needed a lovely, pretty, Victorian name, and Rose was one of the options. I then started rewatching Eccleston's Dr Who series and the name really won me over.

AHHHH IT WAS SO EXCITING! I have met and held Kenners before, but never really examined one properly. The plastic feels so different, and she does feel old, but weirdly sturdy and just, oh, I don't know. I'm totally nuts for her. :) She's so so so gorgeous.

Her hair is beautiful, with not too much frizz at all (not that I mind the frizz anyway!) and she has original make-up, even a touch of original blush. She has some scalp goop and a body crack (which has been magic'd together by Pooka somehow!) and some little yellow patches, which I thought initially I might look into gently getting rid of, but actually, I'm too attached to them. She has a cute little yellow spot on her forehead which I've started fondly thinking of a sort of beauty spot. They will stay. :)

Although she didn't as such *need* a hairwash, I gave her one, as it's kind of a bonding process for me, and also, I'd messed up her hair in all the excited playing she got when she arrived.

I soaked the ends in Comfort fabric conditioner for 2 and a bit hours, then washed it out and used human conditioner on her to comb her hair out. Actual human hair conditioner does nothing for doll hair, by the way - it's just nice and slippery and I like to use it if there are tangles to gently tease out. You just have to make sure to wash it all out properly.

I was really surprised to feel like I'd definitely made a difference to her already beautiful hair!

Mmmm she's so pretty! :D Her legs and arms don't look that yellowed in person, actually, strange quirk of the photo...

Oh god I sound like a mother don't I, going on about my child...


My Financial Advisor

Despite my whining I have earned a pretty penny this summer, which is lovely, and of course, allowed me to bring Rose home. :) Beth's projection of my future finances is perhaps a bit pessimistic. ;)

Which means... I am leaving Newcastle on Sunday and heading back up to Haggisland! It also means... BLYTHECON IN 3 WEEKS!

I am so excited. I have decided not to buy anything Blythe-related until I get there, and then totally go mad and splash out. :D So, I am planning on spending the next few days packing, and making a start on my fashion competition entry, and making my girls some new clothes...

You won't be hearing from me until I'm back in Haggisland, so see you then!

alice xox


  1. Oh Alice, I can see why you fell in love with Rose ... she's beautiful. I think that first photo is gorgeous, Rose looks so lovely against that backdrop.

    Hope you have a wonderful time at the Blythecon, wish I was coming with you, I love spending money too!

  2. yay for rose!
    yay for haggisland! (i very much hope for another visit that way before christmas)

    this post has made me go get my kenner, diana, off the shelf. and i think i'll wash her hair later. :)