Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Blythecon UK and busy busy busy!

As promised, I did indeed make a video of BCUK!

I think it pretty much covers everything I have to say about Blythecon! Just a wonderful, wonderful weekend, thank you to everyone, but especially the wonderful Laura Kate! I'm sure I'll have some more photos to show from the actual day at some point, so watch this space. :) The video is a bit dorky (argh my face!) but hopefully the spirit of the day comes across a little bit. :) WARNING: to non-doll people, I expect this will be hideously boring.

The Friday was mostly frantic travelling and then some quality PUB TIME with the doll ladies, and the Saturday was just awesome from start to finish.

I want to say the Sunday was a lovely day too, but, well - and this is going to sound funny - but the weather was FAR too nice! Gav and I had planned to hit a bunch of museums up (including my unsuccessful attempt to admire Beowulf, le sob!) but dragging our sweaty, sticky selves round sweaty, sticky London was too much for us. We are not people who enjoy the heat!


We're not really city people either... The tube caused major stress, the people caused more, and at one point Gavin saw a ray of sunlight which made the air look super dirty, and pointed it out to me and thus set me off on a major freak-out of scrubbing myself raw when I got home. I'm sure London isn't that dirty, I'm just prone to overreacting. ;)

The British Library

Don't get me wrong though, London is an awesome place full of awesome things (and one day I will return! Beowulf, you cannot elude me forever!) and the weather was gorgeous, and I ought to be more grateful.

St Andrews Castle

But... I really enjoyed coming home and getting tucked up in my thermals and blankets. :)



BCUK Outfit

I got a pretty epic haul, the first batch of which is being modelled by Rose!

This is my first Eurotrash helmet, and I don't know why they suddenly called to me, but I *had* to have one. Maybe it was becoming a yarn nerd... but wow, it's beautiful. The prices they go for second hand are INSANE, but I can kind of see why. They are so beautifully made - and this new Kenner of mine is demanding quality items of clothing. ;)

Anyway, I was super inspired by this weekend, so... watch this space. ;) I have six packs of nylon and a pack of saran currently sitting on my desk... I wonder what they could be for? :3

I am also getting into the full swing of the semester, and the future looks very busy!

alice xox

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  1. Eeeek, thanks for sharing your video and your trip to London for BCUK! :D And congrats on scoring your first ET helmet. Is this the beginning of a slippery slope for you? :O