Sunday, 16 October 2011

Up to speed...

I came home from BlytheconUK all inspired and ready to go, only to be hit full in the face by fourth year saying hello like an overexcited puppy that doesn't quite realise how big they've grown... oof. I'm sure you've all met that puppy. Anyway, my over-elaborated point is, I got home... and did precisely nothing, and just wallowed around in my post-con blues. :( I misss you guyyss! You should all move up to Scotland. It's pretty. Come! :D

Anyways, I forced myself up off my lazy backside and now have about a million ongoing projects. Which is more like it. :)

I recently discovered this beautiful, beautiful blog: Attic24 which totally rekindled my love affair with crocheted blankets, and so I picked up the blanket I started last Easter (which I had thrown aside a while ago in one of my crafty "NOTHING I MAKE LOOKS GOOD" tantrums) which now has a lot more rows and is looking much more loved. :)

Although... before picking up this blanket again, I had already decided after mooning over Lucy's wonderful creations over at Attic24 that I NEEDED a granny square blanket of my own...

blog - grannies

So yes, I have two blankets on the go... oops! Well, Winter Is Coming, after all. ;)


blog - scarf

I continue to wrestle with this scarf for Gavin which I've been knitting since... um, June? It was completely frogged two weeks ago and so have been started afresh on larger needles, but oh dear me, knitting and I, we are sort of friends but I am SO. SLOW. The yarn is delicious though, Gavin picked it - it's Rowan Drift driftwood, I think. NOM. My knitting is improving, and I hope to have this finished in a few weeks. (It mostly gets neglected in favour of crocheting...)

blog - WIP

Do you guys remember Elliot? Probably not, because she is the most neglected Blythe doll ever. So.... time for a make-over! :D I know this is sort of a controversial opinion, but I love the SBL lips, so I think she'll be keeping her lovely RRe lips. Her face won't get a lot of treatment (new eyelashes, lids, blush) - nope, it's her hair that's being drastically changed!

blog - hair

I haven't done a Blythe reroot in a YEAR. I adore rerooting. It's about time! This time, I am using nylon for the first time, in a sexy sexy blue. Mmmmm. Can't wait to start. I have just finished prepping her scalp, sanding the brown paint off and deciding whether or not to paint it blue first. On the one hand, the blue will give me more leeway with bald patches, on the other hand, I don't have any appropriate paint and I'm an impatient type... PATIENCE YOUNG PADAWAN. My impatience will probably win. ;_;

blog - cakey

Elliot is not the only one getting new hairs! Behold, my poor little Cakie! I bought this little one nearly 3 years ago, not reaaaally knowing what she was, with intent to reroot. As you can see, she's still bald... but now I know who she is! Apple Dumplin'! She's adorable, and still has a cute little smell to her (I think it's the original?) and needs some love. I'm thinking I'll stay red?

blog - dorreh

I also started work on a little felt companion, who is very unfinished (and limbless) but will be super cute and have his own little felt wardrobe when I'm finished. I am making my own Jon Snow to cuddle on the long winter nights he is a non-specific felt male who will definitely not get cuddled a lot.

blog - disserting

Then there's my dissertation. Which is a terrifying and awesome prospect, and is coming along nicely. I say that now, I'm sure in December I will be screaming and tearing my hair out and buttoning my shirt to my coat and generally going crazy. It is (as you can maybe tell!) on Old English poetry, and in particular, on ladies in Old English poetry. I like Anglo-Saxon ladies, they are awesome. I do not do enough slaying of heathens in my spare time, I really don't.

I am supposed to explain what exactly it is that draws me to Old English poetry in my introduction, which I can answer with gusto if not exactly academic finesse. A lot of OE poetry is basically a predecessor of modern high fantasy (thanks a lot to Tolkien, you legend) and it just speaks to me that 1000+ years ago, my ancestors were reading about swords and dragons, and here I am in 2011, reading about sword and dragons. I have written a long, happy rant about this, which ends with the sentence:

After all, what is Beowulf if not swords and sorcery?

I am not sure that sentence will make it to the final draft. I will run it past my superviser and he will definitely laugh at me.

alice xox

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