Sunday, 20 November 2011

So, I just had a quick peek at how long it's been since I last blogged...

... but I'm not going to apologise and start making excuses, as I'm pretty sure I've started the last handful of entries like that, and it's probably getting dull!

I will say that life is super stressful right now for poor little me. I mean, in the grand scale of things, it's probably not all that stressful, but I've just got a little brain so don't make fun. It struggles with these things! I'm in the middle of writing my undergrad dissertation, which is honestly overall a cool experience and I feel like a *proper* academic writing my own article under my own steam, but also it's very much like being thrown in the deep end after 3 years of having your hand held and wearing arm-bands. Exciting, though.

I'm also busying trying to get applications together for my postgrad course which is surprisingly stressful. Going through essays I've written to send in as work samples and bellowing NO NO NO THIS WILL NOT DO HOW DID THIS EVER GET AN OK MARK and staring at my personal statement not knowing what to write other than IT SOUNDS REALLY FUN PLEASE CAN I DO IT THANKS. Urgh, it's weirdly difficult! Strangely, because I'm not lying on my personal statement I'm convinced I'm doing it wrong.

Also, I am ferrying myself to and from Glasgow at least once a week, being in St Andrews for my class and then running away to Gavin's house in Glasgow whenever I can. Half my stuff is here, half my stuff is there, and I keep forgetting my crafty projects when I travel or bringing the wrong textbooks and it's just frustrating. Last week, I ran out of room in my bag so left my darling Kenner in Glasgow, only to miss her like CRAZY and I will never, ever do that again ever. I moved all my Monster High ghouls to Glasgow this weekend, which makes me feel extra homely and settled in here, but I'm sure I'll get back to St Andrews and see the empty shelf and want to wail. Oh dear.

Like I said, these are silly problems, but they make me want to mash the keyboard a bit


Ok, I'm done whinging. :) I will leave you with a photo of my newest Monster High lady, Spectra, and a bit of LIFE ADVICE I have learned the hard way the last month.

MAKE TIME FOR YOUR HOBBIES, because leaving them out because you 'have no time' will not result in you doing more of what you should be doing anyway (trust me) and also, you will not be a happy bunny. Which is no fun!

So, I won't do that again!

alice xox


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  1. Me time with dollies is a MUST! Don't worry, there will come a time when you wont have to be in limbo between two places and you can be where your heart is.