Monday, 20 February 2012


I made a new urban vinyl discovery this weekend: Kidrobot's mini Doppelganger blindboxes! I have a bit of an addiction to blind boxes, and the Forbidden Planet in Glasgow is always so well stocked... well, my money pretty much jumps out my pocket. (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)

Postcards from Blythe #1

They remind me an awful lot of the adorable Takochus which I have seen cropping up on Flickr quite often on the photostreams of fellow toy enthusiasts. I don't actually own any Takochus (with a very big YET on the end of that sentence!) but from what I understand, stacking them is a balancing act, as they are made of hard plastic.

Doppelgangers are squishier and hollow, with a little hole in their bottoms so they can suction onto each other and stack in awesome ways!


I had to pop back today and pick up a few more just to take advantage of their stackability. Frailty, thy name is woman! To my credit, I did actually resist some beautiful Mini Lalaloopsys in Hamley's (but cancelled that out by picking up some Lego at Argos...)

My name is Alice and I have a problem with toys.

In other news, I have passed the 50 photo mark in my 366. One nice thing about doing a 365 is that I really do keep track of the year passing- i.e. every so often I notice how high the number is climbing and get in a bit of a flap at how fast it's going! Photo number 50 was my first little Doppelganger.


I like their slightly sinister expression. Especially appropriate as they seem like 'doppelgangers' of Takochus to me! I will need to get together a little Takochu gang, and a have Sharks/Jets type showdown. :P

alice xox

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What is this "blogging" you speak of?

I'm back at Uni for my eighth and final semester after a two week break, and I'm all fluffy clouds, rainbows and productivity! So, let's get this blog caught up on the past 3 months...

I was lucky enough to host the beautiful travelling Blythe Amelia in December, which was a treat! You can see her set whilst she was with me here.

She got the tour of St Andrews, of course, as well as a very quick trip to York, and a few days in Glasgow. So as not to risk any postal-service-related-accidents, she stayed with me over Christmas, too. :)

I don't usually bond with other people's customs... but Amelia was so pretty I surprised myself, and was sad to post her on! (Though she went on to have awesome adventures in Australia with Jenn!)

Merry Christmas

I had a peaceful Christmas back home with the 'Rents in Newcastle, where we spoiled each other with lovely presents and stuffed ourselves silly. I made my first ever gingerbread men (babies, really, given their size!) and wrestled with my mum's thoroughly DISAGREEABLE oven. The first batch were horribly, horribly burnt (because that godforsaken thing hates me, and ruins everything I bake there) but here are some of the second, successful batch, pre-cooking.

Gingerbread Babies
I did a naughty Christmas spend on the Cavey website, and my new Christmas Cavey was my contribution towards the tree decorations! He is my first Bought Seasonal Decoration As An Adult, and that was very exciting. :P He has been safely tucked away until next year, where he is hibernating. This also brings me up to 4 Caveys! Not a large collection by most standards, but give me time! ;)
Christmas Cavey

I meandered back up to St Andrews with Gavin for New Year/Hogmanay where we celebrated with a few friends (but mostly strangers!) which was my first (and last, I expect... *sob*) Hogmanay in St Andrews. It was very sweet, as everyone gathers round the fountain to Auld Lang Syne and hug their way into the new year, which was rather cute. We had wine and food and sparklers! :)

I also made the traditional mosiac summary of my year on Flickr - which I'll post here, though the photo and description are Friends Only on Flickr - let me know if you can't see it and would like to~

Goodbye, 2011!
As I pretty much conclude in the description, good bloody riddance to 2011. 2012 so far has been not too shabby, and I have high hopes! I have started a 'slice of life' 365 (366 this year!) which I am really enjoying - you can see them all in my stream, or in the set, here. I, um, won't post all 39 of them here, but I will draw your attention to my new arrival... ;)

Heheh, yes, I cracked and bought myself a Middie Blythe! It has to be this girl, there's just something about redheads, after all. ;) I named her Linnea, and I like her a lot more than I thought I would. I'm actually pretty impressed with her, to the extent where I am a lot more forgiving of the current Middie price tag - she is lovely quality, and the same amount of detail and care has gone into making her as any Neo. She might have a smaller volume of plastic, but perhaps that's irrelevant.

I also LOVE how they've done the eyemech - rather than a Dal/Pullip/etc. type lever, it's a sort of rolling-dial-thing (think tuning a radio) which is so much sturdier and less obtrusive. Love it! The head-tilt is adorable, and I can't get enough of it.

I've also been on a bit of a Monster High kick (yes, again), so there's plenty MH goodness to be had in my 366 as well. ;) The Create-A-Monster packs have played merry havoc with my bank account...


In personal news, I desperately needed a break and a minor life-plan-rehash, which has ended up with me deciding not to apply for postgrad stuff. So many reasons why - some of them pretty stupid, others not - but I'm pretty sure now it's the right choice, given how much better I'd felt the past few weeks. So, this really is my last few months as a student, and my last few months in St Andrews. Making the most of it with my 366 and just enjoying it while I can. :) The prettiness of St Andrews, that is, not the INCESSANT ASSESSMENT. Although, I should add, I have really awesome lecturers and this will be a relaxed and enjoyable semester, as I already have 75% of my marks and my degree classification is pretty much decided already at this point. :) Which is VERY nice to know!

Anyway, the New, Improved Alice has been very productive since that weight off her chest, so watch this space. ;)