Monday, 20 February 2012


I made a new urban vinyl discovery this weekend: Kidrobot's mini Doppelganger blindboxes! I have a bit of an addiction to blind boxes, and the Forbidden Planet in Glasgow is always so well stocked... well, my money pretty much jumps out my pocket. (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)

Postcards from Blythe #1

They remind me an awful lot of the adorable Takochus which I have seen cropping up on Flickr quite often on the photostreams of fellow toy enthusiasts. I don't actually own any Takochus (with a very big YET on the end of that sentence!) but from what I understand, stacking them is a balancing act, as they are made of hard plastic.

Doppelgangers are squishier and hollow, with a little hole in their bottoms so they can suction onto each other and stack in awesome ways!


I had to pop back today and pick up a few more just to take advantage of their stackability. Frailty, thy name is woman! To my credit, I did actually resist some beautiful Mini Lalaloopsys in Hamley's (but cancelled that out by picking up some Lego at Argos...)

My name is Alice and I have a problem with toys.

In other news, I have passed the 50 photo mark in my 366. One nice thing about doing a 365 is that I really do keep track of the year passing- i.e. every so often I notice how high the number is climbing and get in a bit of a flap at how fast it's going! Photo number 50 was my first little Doppelganger.


I like their slightly sinister expression. Especially appropriate as they seem like 'doppelgangers' of Takochus to me! I will need to get together a little Takochu gang, and a have Sharks/Jets type showdown. :P

alice xox


  1. Good grief, these are adorable! Now we're up to date with the lego minifig collection, I think these beauties might start stealing my money!

    1. Up to date with lego minifigs?! I can but dream of such a day! These guys are definitely worth investing in, they are so cute <3