Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A little bit of amateur card-making...

It's Mother's Day in the UK next Sunday, and I thought it would be nice to shun the whole 'Hallmark culture' thing, and try my hand at making my own card. Being 22 instead of 2, it's not really just the thought that counts anymore... I don't think Mummy J would feel particularly appreciated/impressed if I send her a piece of paper with some macaroni glued on! So, I had to like, actually make it look nice and stuff...

Mother's Day Card

It's a bit plain, but I'm happy with it as a total card making/scrapbooking/any papercrafting amateur! The mini bunting actually dangles from some elastic that I threaded through some holes and knotted inside the card! Dabbed a tiny bit of PVA on the knots to hold them in place.

Next on my list, making the presents! Determined to stick to my home-made Mother's Day theme, because I think it's cute, and hopefully a bit more meaningful. Also, Mummy J's tastes in shop-bought goods are... very expensive. I am but a poor student!

Last year, I made her a kindle cover, this year I am aiming for lavender bags. Lavender is my favourite smell in the whole world~ ♥ Got a whole delicious bag sitting on my desk enticing me! Might have to whip a sneaky bag up for myself, while I'm at it...

alice xox

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