Saturday, 17 March 2012

Some Mother's Day craftiness

As promised in my last entry, here are the lavender bags I made for Mother's Day tomorrow! They have (hopefully) already arrived safely and are waiting to be opened tomorrow (but I'm not holding my breath, even with First Class post...)

Mother's Day Lavender Bags

I did intend to make more than one bird, but after the effort I put into familiarising myself with fold-back appliqué (probably not the correct terminology) and my utter dread of making another wing - I settled for two hearts instead. ;) I am still very new and inexperienced to the world of sewing, and much prefer using my (brand spanking new!) machine instead of wrestling with needles by hand. Unfortunately, it's kind of a necessary evil when you end up sewing as many small-scale things as I do.

John, my sewing machine (very, um, imaginatively named!) was a belated birthday present that I received around Christmas from mum. She also gifted me with these lovely books for Christmas:

So really, she kind of was asking for a homemade Cath Kidston-inspired present. :P The lavender bags are a pattern from Sew. Both books are full of lovely projects, and I am especially inspired by Patch, because patchwork is just delicious. There cannot be enough patchwork in my life! I will say that some of the instructions are a bit lacking, so perhaps not brilliant books for beginners. (Like me, haha!)

They are stuffed with lavender which I was delighted to source within the UK. Lavender is usually associated with warmer countries than the UK, so being able to source such lovely lavender surprised me. People do grow lavender in their gardens, but all the examples I've seen are kinda... scraggy. Well, this dried lavender was wonderful. If you're located in the UK and fancy some gorgeous dried lavender with quick postal times, I definitely recommend:

I would love to visit their farm in Somerset and have tea and homemade cakes by the lavender fields! 

Mother's Day Lavender Bags

The fabric is from Oxfam's Ethical Collection - recycled cotton patches cut form reject waste material form the textile industry. Gorgeous fabrics, and just the right size for projects this small.

Fingers crossed for a positive reaction tomorrow!

alice xox


  1. Well if you ever do visit their farms let me know coz thats only about 1 hour away from me!

    1. Oooh of course! I don't have any plans to make it down to your necks of the woods, but I'd love to go! Not really been down South much ^_^;;