Friday, 2 March 2012

The Week of the Takochu

One's paypal balance is a terribly dangerous thing. It's not in your bank account yet, and so it's not quite real money, and so spending it isn't really spending... right?

I broke down and had a bit of a paypal accident on Kawaii Shop Japan, and last Monday, I got a very exciting package...


Takochu! ♥ I should've broken down and bought some of these ages ago. They are just too cute! I ordered four of the ice-cream lookalikes - two yellows, a strawberry (my favourite!) and what appears to be a mint chocolate chip. Om nom nom.


They are far, far smaller than I expected - about half the size of Doppelgangers, and very light and hard. Stacking them is much harder (but just as cute) and is quite a balancing act. They stack very nicely, though, and I wish I had more than 4 just to see how high I could get them! The difficulty in taking photos outside is how light they are. The slightest gust of wind, and they go flying, which is really quite adorable in itself.


The above photo is an example of some master Takochu stacking. ;) I took it by St Andrews cathedral, my absolute favourite part of town, and they are precariously balanced on top of a grave stone so I could shoot them with the cathedral ruins in the background. This must have been my tenth attempt at stacking them, at least. There was a lot of squealing and dashing around before they blew away entirely, and so the tourists were all watching me curiously, haha!

Anyway, my conclusion: I need more.

alice xox

ps. new layout! like? :)


  1. Speaking of PayPal balances and bank accounts ... mine never seem to meet, the balance always get spent before it gets transferred. Hee Hee!

    I think I prefer the Takochu to the Doppelgangers, they are much cuter ... great photos.

    1. Heheh such is the way! I think I've transferred my paypal balance to my bank.. maybe... once? LOL

      They are much more 'kawaii' than the doppelgangers I think ^__^ have that certain japanese feel to them that is just adorable :)

  2. Oh boy do I love these little guys so much! I have the hardest time finding them though!!!