Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter is Delicious

I usually get frustrated when the retail industry milks a festive season like crazy. I hate seeing Christmas decorations before December (and God forbid I hear a Christmas song playing), Halloween goodies before October, and the crazy stuff that's in a lot of shops over here right now in preparation for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Somehow, this never bothered me about Easter. I guess a proliferation of chocolate is Just Fine by me.


Creme Eggs are quite possibly the most sublime foodstuff known to man. For the record, how I eat mine: as fast as possible. I get chocolate all over my face and hands and bask in the sticky, chocolately afterglow of the genius of Cadbury's.


It's probably just as well they're not generally stocked the entire year, or I'd be approximately 1758492357493 kg heavier. And stickier.

According to wikipedia:
American Creme Eggs now weigh 34g and contain 150 calories. Before 2006, the eggs marketed by Hershey were identical to the UK version, weighing 39g and containing 180 calories.
To my friends across the pond: you poor, poor creatures. My thoughts are with you during this difficult festive period.

I took the opportunity to make some seasonally appropriate yummies - chocolate egg nests! As with all chocolate-coated cereal noms, they were super easy to make and involved a lot of bowl licking of melted chocolate, which is always a plus. I used bran cereal to get the nest effect - which is actually super yummy covered in chocolate, and you can pretend it's healthy! Sort of! I mean, hey - fibre!

The adorable (delicious) eggs are Cadbury's mini eggs, which according to wikipedia are only sold in the U.K. and Canada. You poor things. I hope you have some kind of equivalent! They are chocolate eggs coated in a hard candy coating thing... I'm fuzzy on the details, but they're Sugary and Yummy, and that's all I need to know. 

I hope you all have a (delicious) weekend!  xox

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