Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Some Wholesome Easter Adventures (WARNING: photos galore!)

Easter is my absolute favourite time of year. Not just because the shops are full of delicious things, but because spring is so flippin' beautiful. Two weeks off from university and a chance to spend some quality time with Gavin can mean only one thing - Adventure Time!

The first stop of the Gavin and Alice Easter Tour was in The Toon, my hometown.


Remember our Anglo-Saxon Adventures of last spring? Godric is a Viking fingerpuppet with delusions of destructive grandeur I bought for myself on Lindisfarne, whose hobbies include pillaging and/or laying waste to various structures. Having sacked Lindisfarne last year, he moved onto his next target - Tynemouth Priory. Most of the plundering had been done a good thousand years ago, so there wasn't much left for him to do - but he is very small, so it worked out!

Here I am, in a photo taken by Gavin, taking the shot of Godric mid-plunder and pillage. Mmm, isn't Tynemouth pretty? Only moments before, it had looked like this:

Tynemouth Priory & Pier

... very dramatic and obliging photogenic. The sea was crazy. Godric would have struggled to attack from sea, I suspect, but luckily, he travels by pocket. Far more convenient.

The Grabby at Tynemouth
Gavin, being windswept!
North Shields

Plundering can be a tiring business (all that yelling and axe-wielding) so we popped over to North Shields Fish Quay for fish and chips. Food of the gods!


We even strayed a little bit into the countryside, and did a 20 mile round cycle into Wylam, complete with self-congratulatory pie break in the middle. 20 miles is quite a lot of cycling for little old me, and pie was essential. Of course, Gavin's all outdoorsy and healthy and good at cycling, so he was gliding along effortlessly in the correct gear looking very elegant while I huffed and puffed and sweated and acquired a very fine pair of bum bruises.

Cycling Gavin!

Our next stop in the Easter Tour was Aberdeenshire, for a Wholesome Adventure with Gavin's family. They've quite the menagerie at the moment, including the newest addition of nine rather magnificent chickens.


They also have two dogs, one of whom is very obligingly photogenic and will stay more or less still when I point a camera at him.


The other dog, who is also super adorable, doesn't understand your human concepts of "still" or "slow," and it is completely impossible to take a photo of him. I had to catch him mid nap...

There is also the scruffiest, most ridiculous cat I have ever met. I loved him. If I had that much hair as a cat, I couldn't be bothered keeping it neat and tidy and licking it all the time. Apparently, neither can he. He is hilariously bedraggled, but so soft! He's a ferocious mouser, and not really a house cat... and so resisted my crazy cat lady advances, le sob! Not a cuddly one. :( He did chew on my fingers for a bit, which was kind of sore, but he seemed happy and was purring, so like the sucker I am for their feline wiles, I happily sat there letting him abuse me.

They both had a quiet snooze in the sun. I copied them, and curled up on Gavin for a warm nap. The little dog, Jack, climbed up onto the sofa and had a snooze on me. Snooze on a snooze! Snooze-ception? It was kind of adorable.

Having a dog must be a lovely motivator for just going on a walk. Here I am, pretending to be a wholesome, countryside dog-owner. I've never really had a pet, aside from a hamster when I was 10, who was cute but not all that interesting. His favourite activities was flicking his poop through the bars onto the carpet and gnawing on my sister's fingers. (My mum wasn't massively keen on him.)

We took a trip to the Winter Gardens in Aberdeen, which apparently has some of the second biggest collections of certain plants aside from the Eden Project down south. It was awesome. Rose, my Kenner Blythe came along for the trip.

Winter Gardens in Aberdeen

Winter Gardens in Aberdeen

Winter Gardens in Aberdeen

Winter Gardens in Aberdeen

Winter Gardens in Aberdeen

You'll have to excuse Rose's flyaways, she's been travelling all Easter with those plaits in, and a few hairs have managed to escape in transition. She'll get some pampering soon, with a nice long soak in some fabric conditioner!

My spring break ended yesterday, and so I have arrived home in St Andrews with a whole bunch of beautiful freshly laid eggs that I am under strict instruction to eat and bake with...


I am in for a delicious week. Hopefully, the excellence of these eggses will ease the pain of having to, like, do actual work again...

Hope you all had a lovely Easter time! xox

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