Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I'm a sucker for things with big eyes and unusual proportions

Summer 2012 is kind of a big deal for the UK. It's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and there's this little event called the Olympics - you might have heard of it - that we're hosting. My mum got lucky in the ticket draw and so both of us are even going to down to London in August to see some athletics events. Being British, I'm very practiced at understatement, but if you'll allow me a moment of excitement...


It's pretty much common opinion that the logo is a disaster. Not least due to its unfortunate... similarities. (I don't want to traumatise you, but read that wikipedia link, and you'll see what I'm referring to. I'm warning you though - once you know, you can't unsee it.) I'm not keen on the logo at all, but you know what I do love? I completely adore the mascots, Mandeville and Wenlock.

Their origin story was written by Michael Morpurgo, and it's really quite cute. Basically, they are two drops of molten steel that fall from the last girder of the Olympic stadium and come to life when a rainbow shines on them. A bit ridiculous, but stupidly cute. I know a lot of people think they're completely daft, but I think they're awesome. This is turning out to be a pretty dangerous opinion, as the shops are packed with adorable little Wenlocks and Mandevilles...

So much cuddly goodness! I just want to hurl myself at the shelves and take them all home. I haven't actually given into my cuddly mascot needs yet, but I did have a bit of an accident in the keyring section...


There's something very Pokemon-esque about these guys. I love it, of course. I know I just love things with big eyes and ridiculous proportions, but they also fly around leaving a rainbow trail behind them (nyancat style!) and the little headlights on their heads light up in the dark. Too cute!

My personal favourite of all the Olympics merchandise so far. Yummy!
As if the shops aren't baiting my wallet enough, there is a bunch of awesome stuff floating around for the Jubilee, too.

If only I had £75 to drop on a teapot...
Union Jack rock!

Summer 2012 is also kind of a big deal for me. A week today, I finish my last ever exams! As you can see, I am hard at work, admiring the interior of John Lewis's. Oops? :D

alice xox

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