Saturday, 14 July 2012

La Sittelle

I am typing this by the side of the pool, enjoying the last forty minutes of my holiday before I leave to go to the airport. My very generous and most excellent father invited me along for a week to the villa he and his friends are renting for a few weeks this summer in the South of France. The villa was designed by Robert Dallas and is so lovely that I just had to share some photos. All of these are taken in and around the villa and garden, and any disembodied body parts can be assumed to be mine! Photos from our day trip travels to follow in a later entry~

This was my first time leaving the UK in quite a few years, and it was lovely to get out and experience actual heat. I will have to create some kind of thank-you present for my wonderful dad for bringing me out here.

Back to rainy England I go...

alice xox

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