Monday, 16 July 2012

Mr & Mr Stormtrooper and their intergalactic love

The other week in my favourite toy/comic store in Glasgow, I noticed there was a buy-one-get-one-free offer on the Star Wars figurines... and I don't suppose I need to explain what happened after that. (What is this "self control" you speak of?) I have fallen completely in love with Stormtrooper action figure photography on Flickr, and I have always wanted to join in - and now, I have two little troopers of my own! 

My personal favourite Stormtrooper photographer is JD Hancock, because their shots are hilarious and beautiful. (When they favourite'd a photo of mine the other week I nearly exploded, because I am such a Flickr fangirl and it felt like the ultimate compliment.) I don't know what it is about the Clonetrooper action figures, but they're so bizarrely expressive, given you never actually see their face. They're hilarious and adorable and I knew from the moment I deboxed mine that they were deeply in love.

... even if that doesn't make a great deal of sense in actual Star Wars canon, as they're actually genetically identical and it would be probably be some kind of bizarre incest (selfcest?) and I don't imagine the Empire would approve. But... my toys aren't the same. They're from different packs, and one is skinnier and taller, the other is stockier and shorter, and they are SO CUTE TOGETHER I CAN'T EVEN-

 - er, basically, please admire their adorableness. That's an order.

184/366 Learning to Dance

187/366 "I can show you the world~"


alice xox

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