Thursday, 26 July 2012

Toy Thursday: Brave

First things first - Brave comes out in the UK (excluding Scotland, which gets it 10 days earlier) on the 13th August. That's only, oh, a whole month after its premier in the US. Odd marketing decision, given it's so... well, Scottish. They've tried to soften the blow by giving Scotland it a few days earlier, but it's so frustrating. I want to see it! Sadly, I'm unlikely to be in Scotland for the 3rd, so I'm waiting to see it with the rest of us down in Englandshire.

So basically, what I'm saying is that I haven't seen Brave. But... I'm already completely in love with it, because all the toys that have been taking over the Disney stores here (a whole month before we get the movie!) are brilliant. I decided to treat myself to the 11" Classic Merida Doll, which was very much a budget option. She's an absolute beauty.


She has a beautifully posable body, and comes with a dress, wrist bracer, shoes, cloak, quiver, bow, and one (unusually long) arrow. For £15, the quality of the clothes and accessories is pretty much what you'd expect. What really blows me away about this doll is her amazing face and hair.


She has an incredible amount of character in that adorable lop-sided smile. The £75 18" Limited Edition Merida was absolutely beautiful, but somehow, I feel like this one has more character. (Though I won't deny that I pawed at the 18" Merida's box for a little bit, whimpering pathetically. Oh, for £75 to drop out of the sky...)

Some other Brave toys I really rather like: Toddler Merida (to match the 16" Animator's Collection, I'm assuming), the Triplets (I have no clue what the bears are about, I expect I'll need to actually see the film...) and Queen Elinor. (Again, bears, what? This had better not turn out to be a major plot-point or I'll be very grumpy.)

Well, at least the joy of a pretty new doll has lessened the agony of waiting. Sort of. 

alice xox


  1. 1 - she's pretty.
    2 - it came out in the US at the end of June and the toys were on the shelves of stores here in April (there aren't many Disney Stores left in the US, but this was in other places). That was so weird.
    3 - Bears. You'll see.

  2. She's adorable! I wanna see that movie!

  3. Hi!

    New follower here!

    I love the Merida dolls too, and I agree with you, it's very strange that this movie didn't have it's first opening in Scotland... which would have only made sense!

    I'm in America, so I've seen it already, and it's SO friggin cute.

    The toys came out here before the movie as well, and I too was like, "Uh, bears?"
    It didn't ruin the movie for me though!