Sunday, 12 August 2012

Goodbye, London 2012!

Tonight, London 2012 is officially over! As I watch the closing ceremony, I thought I'd share some of the photos I took from my Olympic adventures last Wednesday. Most Olympic tickets sold here in the UK were sold by a sort of draw - and we were lucky enough to draw tickets for some evening athletics! 

Not quite as dedicated as the men in the photo above, but I made the effort!


I don't really have the equipment (or skill!) to take sports photography of this sort, especially from where I was sitting - but, I gave it a shot. It's pretty cool to have them as a souvenir, if nothing else! Although it was awesome to get to see athletes like Bolt and Blake in action, what I really liked what how many women's events we were able to see in the evening we were there. Even in the Olympics, I do still feel like the men's events overshadow the ladies quite a bit.

Top left: Women's 1500m semi-finals, top right: Yohan Blake in the 200m semi-finals, bottom left: Usain Bolt in the 200m semi finals, bottom right: Allyson Felix, winner of 200m

Top and bottom left: men's decathlon high jump, top right: 110m hurdles semi-final, bottom right: Usain Bolt greeting crowd before 200m semi-finals

It's been a pretty awesome couple of weeks, and I've really enjoyed watching all the events. (My favourite moment being Murray beating Federer to gold - after the heartbreak of Wimbledon it was just too perfect.) I'm so happy I was able to actually go there, as it is potentially a once in a lifetime thing to see the Games in your own country. Knowing this, I've squished any inner cynicism I may have had and just tried to enjoy it all as much as I can! :)

Well, I guess now it's back to worrying about the economy and politicians. It's been a lovely break, Olympics. See you in four years!

alice xox

ps. a little something else, if you promise not to laugh at my strangely masculine bellow (I'd been yelling and screaming all evening!)  - a short video I took for fun of one of the mexican waves going round the stadium. So much fun! Click here to see the video. :)


  1. these snaps are just fabulous! lucky duck.

  2. How exciting to have it right there where you live :)