Saturday, 18 August 2012

Siorrachd Obar Dheathain

I've been spending some time with Gavin and his family in Aberdeenshire, enjoying their menagerie of animals and taking a break from Newcastle. 'Siorrachd Obar Dheathain' is 'Aberdeenshire' in Scottish Gaelic - not that I have the foggiest how to pronounce it, but I think it sounds very pretty nonetheless. I've missed Scotland more than I thought I would (and I completely blame the constant playing of the Chariots of Fire theme throughout the Olympics, which just kept reminding me of West Sands and St Andrews and making me bawl.) Here are a few photos from our wanders:

I also (finally!) got to see Brave today, which was really awesome. I was right about the bears, but it didn't really spoil it, so I suppose I'll forgive Disney for the inherent spoilers in their toy range! (Which I now definitely feel I do not own enough of.) Asides from the gorgeous animation, Merida is a whole new ilk of Disney princess that I absolutely love. Perfection. Conclusion: you must see it, if you haven't already. Apparently, Alex Salmond hopes it will encourage more people to come to Scotland, and whilst that is kind of hilarious given that it's an animated film and contains no actual footage of Scotland, you should totally come visit anyway, because actual-Scotland is just as lovely as its animated counterpart. So there. You have mine and the First Minister's word for it. ;)

A fun Aberdeenshire and Brave related fact for you: the almost unintelligible accent of Young MacGuffin is the local accent - what Gavin would call 'teuchtar', also known as the Doric dialect. As the voice actor Kevin McKidd notes: "People in the North East of Scotland will be the only people on the planet who understand what Young MacGuffin is saying." I can confirm that. I was sitting in a theatre full of guffawing Aberdeenshire locals whilst I looked totally perplexed and only understood every other word - and this is coming from someone who is pretty good with accents. (Hey, I'm from Newcastle. I'm practically an expert in the unintelligible.)

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  1. My viewing of Brave was with Alan. I kept looking to him for help with the accent of that character. He was useless as well. His Scottishness let me down that day. :p