Thursday, 16 August 2012

Toy Thursday: LPS Blythes!

The first time I ever saw a Petite Blythe, I thought they were kind of manic-looking and felt intensely relieved that I wouldn't feel the need to collect yet another thing obsessively. (Ho ho ho. Oh, past-me, you underestimated yourself yet again.) I still don't actually own a Takara Petite Blythe, but I do own rather a lot of the adorable LPS Blythes that completely broke my 11.2cm resolve. 

107/366 Charlotte Pamplemousse     158/366 - Five Songs

192/366 Cannes, dahling!

The LPS Blythes are quite different from the Takara Petites, with most differences basically boiling down to the fact that the LPS ladies are cheaper, and aimed far more at a younger audience than the Takara girls. I don't own a Takara currently, but basically the impression I get is that the Takaras are better quality. There's a super helpful video outlining all the differences you can see here. However, despite their 'cheapness' (which is actually a characteristic I rather like!) the LPS Blythes are still very, very cute.

Christmas Shopping LPS Love


Affordability has been a major factor in how many of these little ladies I have bought - especially seeing as how TK Maxx in the UK seems to always have a few half price hanging around. I think around 75% of my LPS Blythes were bought there at that kind of discount. It adds up! There are so many awesome releases and I don't think I can say no to a single one of them. (You can see a full release list on this Flickr group. An up-to-date list of my own modest LPS family is on their Flickr set.)

   208/366     12/366


One downside of the LPS ladies - which certainly doesn't seem to be stopping anyone - is that they're slightly more resistant to customising. Unlike the Takaras, their head is one solid piece of plastic, which makes rerooting and eye changing potentially that bit more of a chore (though - not impossible.) I'm currently working on an LPS reroot myself, so watch this space! Although, the LPS ladies already come in such a variety of hair colours, there's not any particular need - I just like rerooting. (Edited to add: Please check out the comments down below re: customisability from some people who know a lot more than I've picked up from a few youtube videos and photos!)

86/366 Lemonade, anyone?     229/366


My LPS hero is Care, whose photostream, blog and etsy shop you should definitely have a bit of lurk on! She makes the most amazing LPS/Petite clothes that I absolutely love (see above photo) and can't even begin to imagine making anything that small so beautifully. Plus, she has an LPS family I can but aspire to. One day... ;)

Remembrance Sunday     Yay for Autumn!

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  1. I love the LPS petites! I have so many and going to try customizing. I already did one reroot using the reroot tool, but it doesn't want to stay down. It keeps popping up. Oh and the eyes are super easy to remove: put the head in warm water, the plastic becomes flexible and you can just pop them out (opening the head wouldn't make it more easy. very different from takara). This also works if you want to insert brains in a hole you made in the head to make a zombie...

    1. Oh and I forgot to say: I love all your photos!

    2. Thank you! ^___^ I've seen some people saw open the LPS head to reroot and eye change and wondered if that was necessary - I think I prefer your way! :) I've still yet to actually examine closely a Takara (I think I need one!)

  2. Hi there! Thanks for linking to the photo of my LPSB Ariel reroot. LPS Blythes are actually incredibly easy to customise - as Fenneki said, just soak the head in hot water for a bit to soften the plastic, and the eyes can be popped out. Don't soak for too long otherwise the glue that holds the eyelashes in will also soften and the eyelashes will fall out!
    LPS Blythes are one of the easiest dolls I've ever rerooted. I think because they're Blythes, people tend to forget that there are ways of rerooting that don't involve using a crochet hook or being able to track your progress from both sides. I reroot LPSBs the same way I reroot regular Brbie heads - with a 6-inch rerooting needle, using the locked-loop method.

    1. Oooh, thanks for the comment and advice! That'll be really helpful. :) I've only got as far as removing the hair (but cutting it short and scraping a crochet hook around the inside through the neck hole to dislodge the rest) and I've been debating whether or not to go for locked-loop or knot method (with a needle - crochet hook seems like the wrong tool for the job!)

      I think Neo-Blythe rerooters forget how spoilt they are by being able to just work with the scalp from both sides - Neo scalps are ridiculously huge compared to most dolls! Other than Blythes I have only rerooted a Monster High doll, and it made me miss the Neos big heads, heheh. :)

  3. So cute!your petites are just lovely