Thursday, 30 August 2012

Toy Thursday: Mr & Mr Strormtrooper, Part the Second

I blogged a little while ago about my new favourite plastic couple - Mr & Mr Stormtrooper - and their intergalactic love. I thought it was about time we caught up with some of their recent escapades...




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They are still wonderful fun to photograph. They each have such different builds and posability that they just feel so distinct, and I can do different poses with each figure that I couldn't do with the other. Mr Stormtrooper-the-stockier, for example, has permanently bent elbows. Excellent for hugging and presenting flowers. Mr Stormtrooper-the-skinnier, however, has less flexible ankle joints, so he needs to be balanced more upright, as he can't compensate for poses that lean as much.

I think, next, they definitely need some children.

alice xox

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  1. They're a beautiful couple! It would be great if it were possible to live and love with the one who makes your heart beat also in hunans world