Thursday, 9 August 2012

Toy Thursday: My Little Pony Blind Bags

I may have mentioned this before... but I have a problem with blind bags. My newest problem - MLP blind bags - is 100% my friend Jasmine's fault, as she was kind enough to send me a duplicate Twilight Sparkle, who she explained heard I had 'ruins and cool books and things' and wanted to come live with me. Truly, a pony after my own heart. :')

Ponies at Bolton!

I took Twilight to her first medieval ruin (but not, I hope, her last) when we visited Bolton Abbey.  As you can see, she had already acquired a friend. The family sort of... continued to expand after that, due to some incredible enabling from Gavin. They are so, so adorable 

Rainbow Dash is my favourite from the animated series. Gavin and I were stood in Hamley's for ages systematically going through the packets and checking codes to make sure we got the ponies we want. (If you're interested, this site is super helpful once you know which wave you're dealing with.) I wanted Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, but all the Pinkies were gone, boooo. 

I love Bitta Luck, because pink and green is one of the most underrated colour combinations. She's super cute!

Fluttershy is Gavin's favourite from the series, and so this little one is officially his. She's just rooming with my ponies for the time being. ;)


If someone can teach me how to say no to a tiny bag full of adorable that only costs a couple of pounds, please do get in touch. Well, after I've found Pinkie. And Applejack. And Rainbow Shine. And Sea Swirl. And Noteworthy. And Cherry Berry...


... maybe I should just give in and accept that I need them all?

alice xox


  1. Fluttershy is my favorite :)
    They are so pretty :D

  2. You know, these have been driving me nuts because they're STILL only on wave 1 here!!!!

  3. I have most of the ponies you showed and also a lighten up Rainbow Dash from Hasbro! They're so cute!!!