Wednesday, 8 August 2012

WIP Wednesday: Luna Scarf

I now have a completed pair of winter mitts all ready and waiting for the autumn! I've started working on a matching scarf with the silk twist I have left.

Here's a little sneak peak - scarves never look very impressive until they're finished, so I figured a small close up is the best way to hide my measly progress. (They're so long!) This is another Rowan pattern: Luna Scarf, and it's a really simple pattern that knits up wonderfully. It has quite a lot of open space, so it probably won't look its best until after I block it. I'll be sure to post photos of it in all its finished glory - but don't, er, hold your breath for that being anytime soon. Scarves seem to take me forever.

In other news, as this entry is being posted by the magical internal workings of blogger, I will be in the Olympic stadium watching the athletics! (I'll be the girl in the Union Jack tights with general manic expression jumping up and down like a loon.) I'm so excited!

alice xox

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