Wednesday, 1 August 2012

WIP Wednesday: Rowan Winter Mitts

The bane of my existence in the winter is cold hands and feet. Since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years ago, I've had mild issues with Raynaud's - in that my extremities are basically rubbish at circulating. (Nothing serious - when my doctor first used the word 'Raynaud's' and I googled it, I remember shrieking a lot at all the photos of blue fingers. My case is really quite mild! They go just pale and cold and hurt a bit, and it's more annoying than anything, because the numbness makes me clumsy.) So, fingerless gloves are my best friends! I can keep my hands (sort of) warm and still be able to actually use my fingers for typing, using my mousepad, crocheting, etc.

My latest fingerless endeavour (because I make way too many, and there are still never enough) is using Rowan's Winter Mitts pattern using silk twist, which is quite possibly my new favourite yarn.

I seem to knit relatively tightly, and while it's not a problem in that my stitches still slide comfortably on the needles, and I don't get sore hands, I usually end up having to modify patterns a little. When I started these, I didn't have any larger needles to hand to change the gauge, so I just added in a few extra stitches throughout. (They're still a tiny bit tight around the thumb area on the palm, as you can see.) Right now, I have finished the right mitt and started the left.

The silk twist was on sale, and so I bought... more balls than I'd care to admit to...! When I've finished the gloves, I've got enough to make a delicious scarf in the same colour. At this rate, I'll even have them ready for autumn. Ohhh, I miss the cold weather. I love getting wrapped up. (Summer is sticky and sweaty and I sneeze all the time.) When the leaves start turning orange I'm so ridiculously happy. (I know, I know, I'm topsy-turvy. This is why I'm never leaving the North.)

alice xox


  1. Very nice! This is something I have no talent for, knitting and crocheting... I've tried... I can manage scarves T_T

    I LOVE fingerless gloves... my limbs are always cold too, especially fingers and toes... they claim I don't have hypothyroidism though... just... poor limb circulation??? I dunno.

    1. I love crochet! I used to have no patience with knitting at all, until I started crocheting :) I would totally recommend giving it another go! There are so many really simple and fun projects - whereas knitting, I think, is waaaay more daunting! I think it's the needles, lol!
      Poor circulation sucks! >:(