Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Mishmash of Photos & Missing Summer Already

I have a lot of love for Autumn and Winter, don't get me wrong! - they are magical and awesome, and the low sunlight is pretty much my favourite thing ever. I honestly do get excited when the first leaves start turning orange and falling, but turning your heating on for the first time and seeing the sun set earlier and earlier... I can't help missing summer a little bit. Not to be disloyal to my much loved Autumn - I love you, Autumn, I really do! I take all my best photos in Autumn! - but you just don't agree with my circulation. (I'm making heavy usage of my winter mitts right now, they were a very excellent idea.)

Anyway, I promised months ago I'd post the rest of my photos from my holiday in France, so here they are. I have been going through them and feeling nostalgic for actual warmth, tucked away in my slanket. 


St Paul de Vence




Taken by my dad. I'm on the right! I was a bit too excited to be in Cannes.
Maybe one day I'll even be able to come back during the film festival! I can
but dream..

Goodbye summer, see you in nine months! Until then, hooray for gorgeous, orange light, slankets,  hot chocolate, knitwear, and dreading the gas bill! 

alice xox


  1. You aleays post beautiful pictures!!!

  2. The photos are simply gorgeous! This makes me want to go on a vacation too... Just posted the same blog - I was looking up my old photos from past two summers and I made a photo collage as a post. It is so nice to look back at them and the memories, makes you want to pack your bag again and travel!

    Hope you can visit my blog and post here:

    I just followed you and would love to read more. Hope to see you in my blog soon and follow, if you like :)