Sunday, 2 September 2012

In which Alice becomes an Adult!

I think sometime in the past 24 hours I officially became an actual, bonafide Adult! 

As I recently mentioned, I had a few interviews lined up towards the end of August. Thank you all for your super useful comments re: female interview attire! I was easily the smartest person at my group interview, but I was dressed to the same level of smartness as the staff interviewing me, which made me feel as if I'd judged it correctly. (Some people had shown up in what were pretty much normal clothes, which completely bewildered me.) Anyway, I must have done something at least vaguely right, because I was offered the job! I start work in a few weeks, and I'm really excited 

Straight away, I started looking for somewhere to rent, and yesterday, Gavin and I officially moved into our new home in Aberdeen! If that doesn't qualify me for the title of Official Adult, I don't know what does. Gavin's stuff is all moved in, and I am back in Newcastle for a few days packing up the rest of my stuff to drive up on Tuesday!

I have a very cute little packing helper who is utterly mystified by parcel tape. This is my pukifee Willow, and you can see her Flickr set here.

Getting a job, a place of your own and supporting yourself is something an awful lot of people past a certain stage in their life take for granted, but is something I've been desperate to have for years. I can't quite explain how stupidly happy the idea makes me! Also - although for the past three and a bit years I've effectively spent time unofficially 'living' with Gavin - this is the first time I'm actually going to be properly living with him and only him (and the first time in two years we'll live on the same side of the country!) This is kind of the best bit. He's the other half of my mythical hermaphrodite. (I know that sounds ridiculously weird, but click the link! It's a bizarre but really quite cute section from Plato's Symposium. It's silly, but a stupidly adorable way to think about it.)

I might be a bit more scarce on the internet for the next month, as we have to wait until the beginning of October to get a phone line installed. Until then, I'll be using a dongle, which is... well, it's not brilliant, but it's a connection, and hopefully we'll get our line sorted out soon. Maybe a bit of internet silence will be good for my crafty efforts!

a very happy alice


  1. Congratulations for your new adult life! I wish you all the best for everything!

  2. So happy for you Alice! We will miss you on the interwebs :D

  3. Congratulations on becoming an Official Adult, Alice! I can't wait until I unlock the achievement one day ;) Right now I'm just stuck on leveling up every year.

  4. The minute you said "mythical hermaphrodite" my mind went to Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I tried referencing that + Plato in a course taught by an old nun while I was in graduate school. It didn't fly well.

    Welcome to the land of pretending to be grown up. It's fun sometimes! And yaaaaaay for finally getting well and properly shacked up :p

  5. Congratulations Alice!!! I'm SO happy for you (and Gavin too).
    Have a pretty life in Aberdeen. ♥